Sunday, December 05, 2010

Stranded in Seattle Take Two

As soon as we began planning this trip, a couple of our older offspring (still at home - wink) began to speculate how Mom and the kids would probably get stranded in Seattle again.  I insisted, if nothing else, the oldest one or two would get on Space A with Michael and the littles and I would have an adventure on our way home.

I've been chuckling all day at the irony of us being stranded in Seattle again. It seems to only happen when we are flying to Japan. ::snort::

We were told to arrive at 9 p.m. for roll call. We arrived at 5:30 p.m. They told us roll call was moved to 11:40 p.m. We played cards, explored, found what food one can find without going through security (hot dog bun and cheerios at USO or ham sandwich (ain't happening) at little shop), and waited. At 11:40 p.m.  they told us the airplane needed some repairs and they'd let us know at midnight who would get on the flight. WHY they couldn't have determined this at 11:40 is beyond me - but I don't have a military mind. ::snort::

At 12:23 a.m. they told us that only 22 of the 80 waiting would get on (people moving have first priority). We were also told the plane would be "delayed" 14 - 24 hours as they repaired it. (A fellow passenger told me that this is what they did last week and then cancelled the flight - which would explain so many trying to get on last night). I honestly think they should have known that at 9:40 p.m.,  when Space Required reported that they didn't have 80 seats left. We could have begun booking flights (for Sunday as it was still Saturday), found a hotel and settled down. As it was we landed at the hotel at about 2 a.m.  Got to bed at 3 a.m. - after booking 7 International flights. The other two Space A flights to Asia this week are already full with Space Required travelers (moving)...we could wait a WEEK to try for this flight again - but many of those who didn't make it this week will be waiting...and there are no guarantees. Mike would fly back with Jared ASAP.

I've lost Oct and Nov and really want to be IN MY OWN BED....I didn't voice this to Michael, but he knew and booked us all going home.

Because it was now early Sunday a.m.  (remember they told us at 12:TWENTY THREE a.m.) we were not able to buy an International ticket online. We've been told this is a homeland security measure. We booked for Monday a.m.

Everyone slept hard and well - poor babies.  We finally got moving by 12:30 p.m. today and walked to Denny's. The waitress fell in love with our family and Stacia specifically. She showered us with blessings....we ordered 3 all you can eat pancakes and she brought extra plates for the littles, she brought them refills of milk, she loved Stacia and Zander's comparisons of pancake meals in Misawa with Denny's.

From previous Seattle Adventures, I remembered  there are many free or reasonable transportation options in Seattle. I asked. Sure enough - we could take the air tram all the way to Pikes....or we could take a free shuttle to the mall. We went mall hopping. We split up and laughed when we were getting back on the bus. Mike and I had both bought games....different ones even....for a game night tonight and for fun on the plane.

We've ordered pizza in from Round Table, Michael and Jared are working out, the littles are playing "Monopoly Deal".  I'd love to post the photos....but my SD card has split in half....and my computer won't read it. I'll baby it until I hit Misawa and can read the photos with the cord....and buy a new SD card...could try duct tape. LOL

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS THE SECOND SUNDAY IN ADVENT.  We don't feel like it's begun yet. LOL But we have been having a blast with's all good.

Choosing Joy!
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