Thursday, June 21, 2012

W.I.L.D. Weekend

It seems like so much time has passed since I blogged, but it was only one day. ::snort:: 

Thursday we had a trainer/board meeting - the same folks this time around. LOL  We talked through logistics and details. We're changing the schedule to allow me to leave before dinner.

I researched train routes and subway stations so that I can take the train to Haneda airport (different airport than we usually fly from).  I'll meet Michael and the kids at the airport and we'll fly to San Francisco. 

We all went to a curry house for lunch and then on to buy a few things at Daiso that I needed for W.I.L.D. and to give our guests a taste of Tokyo. Cathy did an admirable job navigating the streets and parking garage with her American car. 

Pam is missing from the photo. We dropped Cinky and Becky off at the TLF and Pam and I hit the BX. The BX at Yokota is AMAZING...much bigger than the one at Camp Humphreys or Misawa AB.  Fun times. 

This morning I'm finishing details, doing laundry for the trip, praying, thinking, journaling, reading....enjoying my solitude and yet looking forward to having it draw to an end. 

Today would have been  Dad and Mom G's anniversary.  I skyped her and conferenced Michael in and it was nice for the three of us to talk.  

Women will arrive this afternoon.....we kick off with dinner, a session on Intimacy and an ice cream social at my TLF. 

Tomorrow we'll have two general sessions....I'll speak on Simplicity and Cinky will speak on Legacy.....and we'll have three training workshops on each of the five executive board positions. 

It will be a good time......I didn't take photos in Korea and expect to be too busy here to take photos.....but I'll post photos as they show up on Facebook. LOL 

W.I.L.D. weekend  - PWOC's training arm....Women Intent on Leadership Development weekends.

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