Monday, December 26, 2016

Land Locked Texan visits Oregon Coast

 Jamin lives in land-locked College Station. He has been asking if we'd have time to go to the coast. Krista is selling off things her roommates and her no longer need as she empties her house. She found a buyer for Arielle's old bed/desk at the coast. We loaded the bed and headed out. The coast is an hour away. We delivered the bed and then explored the coast.

Krista was determined to walk on the beach with us....she's a trooper. 

It's just easier to add a video than to try to explain how this worked out. 

This was shortly before a kid with a bow and arrow shot arrows in our direction and we decided the beach was getting to crowded. We headed to our next traditional stop. 

LOVE the Oregon Coast
Michael loves the clam chowder at Mo's and it's been our tradition since our honeymoon to stop in when we are in the area. I'm allergic to shell fish - BUT I have decided WHEN WE GO TO THE COAST (as opposed to living in a coastal town and getting it each week),  I will splurge on fish and chips. It was good.

Michael and Stacia had made this delicious Happy Birthday Jesus Cake. It had a brownie crust, two kinds of ice cream, Oreo crumbles and hot chocolate! We simply couldn't eat another sweet on Christmas, so we savored it tonight. 

Krista and Jamin decided to join a group of local friends for a game night. Michael went to bed. These three played Lord of the Rings trivia inside. I watched a bit of Netflix and called it a night too.

We discovered a county campground near the beach - we'll be going back in the near future with the motor home.