Saturday, September 04, 2021

Belated Gift & Fall Visit

 CoRielle stopped by with Stacia's birthday gift. Amazon doesn't always get it here on time.  They gave her a cake pop maker. She promptly made cake pops and donut holes...

It's always a treat when Cory can stop by with the guys.  Cory's busy, busy, busy this summer/fall. 

Benny is protecting his food from "Michael"

Benny has taken to calling Danny, "Michael" when he wants him to really listen or thinks he's done something wrong. It seems Arielle calls him "Daniel Michael" in some cases. ::snort:: Danny reached his goal....he wasn't so sure it was worth the effort. 
That's organic rind you're chewing on there! 

On my morning walk I couldn't help but notice the fireweed everywhere is blooming to the top and starting to go to seed. That means 6 weeks until the first snow...or so the old-timers say.