Sunday, January 01, 2017


In the Philippines we were told it was important to consider what you do the first day of a New Year as you'll be doing it all year long.  Our tribe had a HARD time getting up and about this morning....but could there be anything better than reconnecting with old friends and ministry partners on New Year's Day?????

Brenner was a chaplain at Beale. Stephanie and I worked with Women's Ministry. Our kids babysat their kids....Clara Beth cried when she realized they weren't going to Arielle's wedding.  They made an impromptu trip to OR this weekend and stopped by on their way through. We met for dinner and a visit...and an introduction to the newest member of their family, Ella Rose. I can't tell you how fun it was to see Cole and the girls waiting for us at the front of Mod Pizza.  They are the best greeters ever!
Stephanie and I 

Michael & Brenner - note the Baylor shirt and the U of O background

Ella Rose

Ella Rose is SWEET! And very expressive. 
I remembered to call Arielle and ask if she and Cory would like to join us. 
Fascinated with Face Swap....Clara Beth, Arielle, Elise & Cory 
Nonie with Clara Beth, Cole and Elise

Clara Beth and Elise 
We understand, now, how fun it is for retirees to connect with active duty members! It was fun to talk Air Force, to remember the ministry and relationships, to mutually encourage and pray for one another.  We are thankful Brenner and Steph looked us up.