Saturday, September 25, 2021

Finally, Fall Festival

We headed out for Pyrah's festival again - THIS TIME WITH PRE-PURCHASED TICKETS! In thinking over the difference in last years' experience and this, we realized we had gone on the day for families with special needs members. We were guests of Krista through the school. Now we KNOW it's not always a relaxing stroll through the farm. LOL  

Michael stayed home to work on "the wood and trees at KC's."  Nolan and Alex are at work. Grandpa didn't want to come - sadly, this is happening more often. The girls and I met up with CyRi at Pyrah's. This turned out best anyway as Carrie was able to join us this week. LOL 

That snow is coming down the mountain 

I don't remember who won! 

These four enjoyed a "game" of volleyball

Livie, Allie, Stacia, Cy
The air was crisp as we sauntered around the apple cider, caramel corn, plywood mazes, hay rides, mini car races, carnival games, cake in a was a great day at the festival. 

We had plans for CoRielle to stop by this afternoon. Remember, they'd done the festival last week.  BreZaak stopped by to drop something off with Michael. We'd not seen them in a long time. I invited them to stay and have spaghetti with us. 
Liv, Allie, Gideon, Danny, Arielle, Bre, Jojo
G Dog and Bella 

Of COURSE dinner means a campfire and s'mores in the fall. We were happy BreZaak stopped by. It was a good chance to catch up with everyone. 
G Dog, Carrie, Cy, Izaak, Michael, Jojo and Bre

Allie and Stacia with Bella and Annie

I love this picture.