Friday, November 26, 2010

Day After

Still using "strange" computers - photos will follow.

WOW over 23 people at Mom's for dinner....and the family continues to grow. MISSED our men children and Nate and Heather.....but had a blast.

If we can't decorate the day after Thanksgiving - we can create new traditions.

This a.m. the girls and I headed out for a bit of shopping therapy (no this is not a local photo). I'm so GLAD we didn't do the 2 a.m. thing. Everything we wanted was there at 9:00 a.m. I got the main family gift, each child one more thing and I'm done....well need to buy for Michael....

We picked up Mom somewhere along the line for one store and lunch. She needed to come rest. We dropped her off and met Michael and the rest of the kids at the theater. We saw tangled. I was TRYING to figure out WHY the screen was so out of focus when Bre handed me some glasses. Ah - my first 3 D movie. For the most part fun...but some of it made me a bit dizzy.

DUCKS are playing....I came back here to write a PWOCI blog article and am now going to go watch the rest of the game....still looking for the perfect ipad cover....

Choosing Joy!
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