Monday, March 04, 2019

Between Two Moose

I woke up with a swollen knee. I suspected this would be the case after all the sinking and twisting on our snowy walk to Willow Lake. What could make a better Monday than relaxing in a recliner with ice and Netflix? 

These girls, however, don't like reclining. I heard the bundling up going on and got the camera ready. I love that they can grab Benny, step outside, and make fun memories. 

Benny, Arielle & Stacia
They headed to the "sledding hill" and I noted a moose off to the right in the woods. 

Stacia's become fairly Alaskan. One moose didn't overly worry her. She knows they stay in their own spot, and usually aren't interested in us. 

Arielle is more cautious - she's a mama.  I could tell she was calculating distance and escape routes.

But wait - a second moose on their left. 

NO ONE would think it wise to be between two least we don't.  This is a bit too much moose to tangle with if they were to get agitated at the humans.  This is an iffy time of year. We are told to beware of mama moose. The on moose is the year old baby from last spring. Is she still protective? I don't know. They still hang out together....and one would be unwise to hang out between mama and baby - because she may feel threatened when she is done eating. We give them space.

Their snow fun was cut very short.

I am thinking it's time to plant seeds. Last year was disheartening and there is so MUCH snow....but it IS March. I probably need to plant some seeds.