Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blooming Social Butterflies

We are blooming social butterflies this week!

Wednesday we enjoyed dinner with Father Frank and Ed. Always a nice event. 
Because the ipad can't levitate we missed getting Ed in the photo!
Friday the kids and I spent the afternoon with Rachel and her KIDS.....Alas, Eli cried when I held her....but she smiled big for Gemma as long as she was on RACHEL'S lap. I'll take it. ::wink::

Today, we spent a lovely afternoon with Ms. Sherry, a widow from The Rivers, our Yuba City church home. It was a lot of fun to hear some of her story, share some of ours, and hear what it is like to be a REAL long-time  resident of this area.  

It is always a blessing to share community with the body of Christ.....and Stacia and I are already looking forward to a breakfast meeting with Cheri and Ben this week.