Friday, December 23, 2016

Fun with Mom and Dad T - #WYFF

Merry Christmas Adam (day before Christmas Eve).  Last year we had a cool tea party. 

This year we spent the day working on various projects and playing Nintendo.

This evening we took pizza to Mom  and Dad T's. We discovered several of us prefer Dominoes to Papa Murphy's....and one or two prefer Papa Murphy's to Dominoes.

Next on the agenda was to  find Christmas lights to view.  The guys put an extra seat in the van and we all headed out. I should have taken photos at dinner or got everyone out of the van to take a shot in front of lights, but I didn't.

Not sure what the dino has to do with Christmas

We stopped at Applebees on the way home to enjoy a bit of dessert - and spend last year's Christmas gift cards. ::snort::

Fun memories.