Monday, September 03, 2012

The Lost Day

OK - it wasn't REALLY lost - but it was the 4th day of a 4 day weekend and we had plans. THEN our Realtor said they would install an AC...and so we changed those plans to be home at 2:30 p.m. At 2:20 p.m. she called to say they wouldn't make it. This usually wouldn't bother me but we STAYED HOME on a DAY OFF. ::snort:: 
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We ran to the base for the "Labor Day Furniture Extravaganza Sale" only to discover the furniture store was not open on LABOR DAY. ::snort:: 

I went to three markets to find a watermelon - finally found one - paid DEARLY for the thing - think $20.  

This, however, is  most expensive melon I've EVER bought or will every buy! I hope. 

I said to Nolan, "Surely, that means 1 for Y586 and not Y1586 for a small melon." 

We agreed. We were wrong..... My $20.23 melon.....spectacular isn't it? We'll eat it tomorrow (Tuesday). 

Michael has been working to replace the wheels on his roller blades. Simple tasks become more complicated when shopping for parts here....and the ones he bought from the states needed to be "mickey moused" but he finished the project - and enjoyed the fruit of his labors. 

We're glad Mackenzie and her brother are back from their summer with their Dad. Here, the girls do a "3-legged Roller Skate" trick.

Maybe the AC will arrive tomorrow.

Choosing Joy!
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