Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'll look for a minute to blog "the homecoming," before I forget, but for now a quick update. 

Monday and Tuesday Mike went to work 0730- 1630.  Piles of paper must be filed before he is  free to begin Recon Leave - Reconstitution....the 2 weeks you earn of "free leave" after a deployment (where you work 24/7 and have NO days off).  We've cleared our calendars of all but doctor's appointments for the next two weeks. I'm giddy at the thought of family time.  Recon starts tomorrow. 

Monday I took care of a bit of regional stuff, cooked a real dinner, taught a Bible study, baked breakfast cookies and blueberry cake for PWOC.... and delivered kids to physical therapy, human video practice and youth group.  

Tuesday is PWOC day. I taught another Bible study, enjoyed fellowship with friends, went to lunch with MICHAEL and the girls, and then DROPPED ARIELLE OFF AT DRAMA and let Mike bring her home.  I've not shared how proud I am for Arielle taking over the homeschool room on Tuesday mornings. She's doing a good job in there, and learning much. Stacia and I headed to the commissary and came home to prep for another real dinner. ::snort:: I have a raging headache and took a NAP. Can you believe it? And I didn't have to go pick up any children...they showed up with MIKE. I can't get over it. ::grin::  Ah...the details of a truly exciting life. ::snort:: 

Sweet moments: The neighbor kids came over to see what the kids dad looked like. They actually said, "Can we see what he looks like?" Then Stacia told them, "We need to go - we're going to go show off Daddy." ::snort:: Today, as Mike walked away, I told Stacia, "I love your dad" and she said, "I know. He's so handsome ain't he? He's a superhero." ::snort:: 

I've not given Mike the "honey do" list.....but he's busy, busy, busy.....

Jeremy Camp is out of the laptop

He's been introduced to Prince Charming...watching PC stalk and devour a fly

Mike brought some Belgium Chocolate home from his stop in Germany. YUM....we must get an assignment to Germany. 

All manner of games and Daddy time....

We've tried to catch family....and will keep trying.

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...