Monday, April 09, 2018

Life is Good

Michael had a rough night last night. We both started the morning very tired. We went to his therapy and then simply couldn't keep going.  He is adjusting meds this week and it doesn't matter what change they make it seems to lead to some dizzy, sleepy days. The sleep hits in waves and he simply can't function. We usually go grocery shopping on Mondays after therapy. Instead, we came home and told the kids to keep things quiet. We took a nap.

We had to clear the table of the plants before we could eat dinner....we created our own terrace. I'm wondering how to get more seeds started with my limited grow light and space.

After dinner, the kids and I went out for a hike. There is less and less snow every day. This is the best time of the's all downhill now!

The water is definitely running off the mountains and down the trails and roads.  We saw moths and flies out tonight. We've still not seen a mosquito, but the hordes are coming.

Water running fast under muddy ice and snow

When we got back, we discovered Michael working on screens. All the bedrooms and the family room downstairs need new ones. This was one of those projects which was less of a winter priority than taking down unsteady/dead trees and getting firewood and heat ready. With Spring's arrival different projects have moved to the top of the list. We're blessed he is so handy!

We finally decided it was time to change out the Christmas flag for a Spring flag. I believe these are the only daffodils in sight up here in the mountains.

We don't have a tripod for my phone. We have one for the DSLR - and that has great video BUT it makes a clunky focusing sound through all the videos.  We've taken to using the phone for videos. Michael has trouble with holding the phone still...this leaves me walking, talking, and taking I'm not in many videos....or photos while video is being shot. This worked well tonight....I had an epic slide/fall. We laughed and noted if this had happened to Michael we'd have to report it to the neurologist and they'd say it showed increasing lack of balance. I slid in the mud, recovered by sliding on the ice and slowly, gracefully, epically even, landed in an icy puddle of slush!  It was COLD! It beat landing in mud!!!!