Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Doctors, Games and Repairs

The medical community smiled on us today. Michael has been trying for months (really - since March I believe) to get a CPAP. Two doctors  offices were fighting over the referral and who was supposed to do what etc. Michael spent quite a bit of time on the phone with both offices yesterday after hearing his appointment on base was also cancelled. They called today and he went immediately to get a CPAP.

We had planned a sight-seeing trip, but this appointment trumps all.
The kids and I changed courses; had lunch, worked on a project and spent the afternoon playing games in the AIR CONDITIONED Camp lounge. In a very odd twist of fate - I WON TICKET TO RIDE! We counted this as geography today.
Michael has been working on converting the entertainment center in The Caboose into something that will work for our flat screen t.v. It's just a bit too narrow.
We topped off the evening with a visit to one of our favorite Beale families - Rob, Cynthia and Daniel.  We will sure miss them. It's great to have Rob home. He brought me a beautiful black and RED cashmere scarf. I love it. Most of all I loved our visit. We hope to see them again in October before they move in November.
We surprised our first night with CPAP...surprisingly quiet though the deep breathing was a bit alarming throughout the night - no snoring.