Saturday, March 11, 2017

Filling the Tank

Filling the tank takes on a whole new meaning when your car of choice is a 38 Ft Class A Motorhome. LOL  The motorhome is averaging 10 mpg on the open highway and 9 mpg in the hills and passes. This is much better than our 15 pass pulling the 31 foot trailer.

We have completed our first road trip - not the trip we had dreamed - but a good trial run to see what we love and what we need to tweak. Michael has been spending a lot of time fixing things and tweaking things at the Motorhome....I'll need to get over there and get some photos.

"Over there?"  My brother and his wife have graciously allowed us to park the lovable beast  at their place. We discovered the driveway here, where we are house-sitting, is inclined just enough to make for very alarming noises and scratches when pulling out of the driveway. We opted not to put it back in place here.

We are enjoying living in a stick and brick house. The best thing about it is the 2 minute drive to the college campus where the girls and BELLA live. We will be a bit sad to leave such an ideal location, but can't find any spots this side of town - so we'll head up I5 to a park in a couple of weeks.

We've been busy with probate/estate stuff, Michael's therapy and doctors,  fixing the motorhome, SCHOOL, supporting Mom during her cancer treatment, and enjoying family.  It takes a lot of energy to process the loss of a loved one - we continue to process.

Our plan is to remain here as long as Michael needs to be here to complete the season of  therapy.  We'll be making a trip to Denver (Mom G's Graveside service) and Texas (Jamin's graduation from A &M) in May. We plan to be here for June and probably until mid-July to welcome a new grandson. The boys will fly to AK for an epic hiking trip in early June. We hope to hit the ALCAN Hwy in July and spend the end of July and August in Alaska. We'll enjoy JaRissa, scope out future locations to live, and introduce the young ones to the great state of ALASKA. We may travel in the NE in the fall and then head back to the NW for the Holidays...and then? Moving to Alaska in winter seems a bit threatening so we may travel a bit more. . .or not?  As with all our plans, we fully expect them to change!

I've dipped my toe back into the blogging world and will be back dating a few posts when I am inspired.