Monday, July 08, 2019

Just a Typical Monday - Sort of

Today was my Benny day! I had him from 8:30 - 3:30....always a fun time. 

Krista received exciting mail....her says she's a master of divinity and graduated with honors! 

She went to the school district office to chat about various positions she may want to pursue. 

Michael worked on fixing the water lines in the RV. It turns out the water heater is cracked; a bigger job than he will finish before our weekend trip. He did fix the broken line so there is now water in the RV...and heating water is easy enough.

We continue to battle the heat for our yard...the sun may win this one.

Stacia made a couple more hats. Alex helped Michael some and worked on some gaming video or something.

I think the strawberry patch is wild berries. They are tiny - but sweet. It's a challenge to pick them when they are ripe BEFORE the chickens, bunnies, birds,  and mice.

The skies promised blue skies AND a storm this evening. We hoped....but it was all show. We did see lots of lightening and heard thunder.....