Sunday, March 27, 2022

Our Week (or more) in Isolation

Yes, I did succumb to Michael's buddies - the covid bugs.  It was nice to chart my course by his....o.k. it's bad on Day 4 and 5, and then I should feel much better by Day 7. LOL 

I had no fever on Saturday...technically. I was at 98.8....but that is not my norm. Sunday I stayed in the 97 range and this morning I woke up at 96.7. Normal. My oxygen was at 96. All improving. 

Dad is on day 4. He's progressing as we did, though he's not had a fever to date and his oxygen hasn't dipped.  The young adults have nothing at all...though I did hear tale of a scratchy throat. We shall see. 

There was a lot of sleeping, lots of reading, lots of kleenex consumption...for Michael and I this week. The girls got a solid week of school in, made meals and did a few spa type  things with their extra time at home. 

Honestly, we were all ready for a slow week.  Here are a few glimpses from the past week. Regardless of how sick I felt - the chickens and rabbit must be tended to...and they continue to crack me up. On this fine spring day Pietro decided to lead the ladies on an escape from their muddy and frozen chicken yard. 

The gate has widened due to frost and isn't latching. I wasn't too concerned. This is a timid group and I knew they would escape to discover walls of snow on either side of the fence. They weren't going to far. 

OK - a spring update from the window

1. It's excited that the fire ring is above the snow now. 

2. That cone in the left bottom is the edge of our retaining wall.

3. Mid left- that corner is the corner of a garden bed. 

4. The big lump in the center is another garden bed. 

I am contemplating shoveling snow out of my garden beds....yes? NO!  What do you think? Worth the effort? Will it speed up the ground warming? 

LOTS of moose around. Michael saw SEVEN in 1/4 mile when he went to our mail box. 

 I missed my volunteer gig at the food co-op. They arranged a no contact pick up for us. We are loving the fresh, organic blueberries. Check out Sunday a.m. breakfast. Stacia made Palacsinta (Hungarian crepes) for breakfast. I told the girls I wasn't sure about their whipped cream to berry ratio. LOL  Michael find sugar free whipped cream somewhere and I splurged...more berries...and it was yummy. 

Yes, that really is about all we've done this week. We were sick and happy to stay home.