Saturday, March 23, 2024

Lazy Saturday - Five Months

Thursday and Friday were emotional days for both Michael and me. Wonderful memories kept surfacing which are totally welcome and yet often bring tears as well as smiles. We are getting used to this.  Today marks five months since Josiah's death. This song has been playing in my head the past couple of days...I Miss Everything About You... Yep...the feels must be that another anniversary was upon us and our souls KNOW even when we don't consciously plan to remember. 

The girls are off on an adventure which I will blog about when they get back. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ellie...and so I chose to wave goodbye, rather than join them on the adventure. 

GG went to bed at his normal time. Michael and I had hours of quiet to talk - which is good as we were both dealing with all the feels at the same time. The Northern Lights were out last night...and I had a "moment" when I remembered how often Josiah would text or call and say, "Y'all may want to watch for lights they are out in Eagle River."  I saw an eagle and it reminded me of how excited young Josiah was to see his first eagle. Josiah loved Alaska. 

This morning, I punched down dough which had been rising overnight and formed a pan of rolls. I fed the starter and started the process to have a round of bread to bake tomorrow morning.  This all takes about 15 min tops - 5 min on a day without rolls - and I get to start the day feeling like I accomplished at least one thing in the day! LOL 

GG rang the bell, and we went through the morning routine...and then I told Michael I was heading out. This photo tells the story. I needed to mail a package to Michael's sister, return a library book and deliver eggs to a friend/customer at Three Bears. AND I made a protein shake to take on the road as I hadn't had time for breakfast and knew I'd be hungry before I got home. 

I left the library with a full basket and a full heart. Jennifer, my favorite librarian, was working.  She gave me a hug and shared some kind words about losing Josiah. She didn't know how lonely I felt today, how much I was missing Josiah visiting on a Saturday with Liv, her hug was perfectly timed.  I continue to explore new genres of reading. 

Yes - I DO need notes. I've had this package in my van all week! LOL 

Back at home I baked rolls and stretched sourdough...sent Michael to take a nap...and began reading a book. I double (triple) wrapped these, dated them and threw them in the freezer for a night when I may need rolls and don't have time to make them. Planning ahead for sourdough can be a challenge for me. LOL 

So...other than that...we had dinner. Michael is editing a paper for Krista. GG is working on a puzzle and I'm about to go READ. 

Carrie sent a couple of photos of the girls from the land of SUN....I mean we are getting lots of bright sun this week but it's still a bit chilly to be outside in summer clothes. 
These girls love the sun! 

Look at that smile! 

OH - and THIS - the little slip mat under the Bosch works "fairly well." It does great on the first speed and works on the second. It began moving all over on the third speed...but it was much better. I'll keep looking for a better mat. 

1. Late night conversations with Michael...someone to travel this journey with who feels the same joys and pains. 

2. So thankful for a loving God who journeys with us and gives the gracious gift of lament for times like these. 

3. It has been nice to have a quiet day. 

4. That hug at the library was perfect! And ministered greatly. The ministry of presence. 

Note: The photos of the girls are from Carrie!