Sunday, October 15, 2023

A Magical Sunday Afternoon

It happens every year in the fall.... we get busy with projects; we spend as MUCH time as possible OUTSIDE and I neglect the blog...but we have been living LIFE to the FULLEST since September 6th. I'll try to get my act together and do some back posting in the near future and then be ON the mark again. LOL 

Sunday was a gorgeous day (blogging on Thursday). I can hardly believe we do NOT have snow yet. The snow is creeping down the mountains...but most years we've had it on the ground by now. We've had a few flurries but nothing that sticks more than an hour or so. I LOVE the fall colors shown in front of the mountains topped with snow. 

I had just laid down for Sunday nap after a busy Sunday morning when what did I hear? The excited voices of little ones. Arielle had let the boys run around back...not knowing the chickens are free range these days. There is no grass left in the chicken yard and we know they'll soon be cooped up for months. Michael ran out and introduced them to each other. The hens pose no threat at all - but that rooster is another story. 
The Chicken Whisperer 📷by Arielle

While Papa wrangled chickens, Bachan followed Jamin, Allie and Benny into the woods. The youngers hadn't explored this part of the yard. Jamin and Allie talked photo effects and Jamin caught some Big Foot footage. It was magical back in the woods.  
Danny, Bachan & Charles 📷by Arielle

Less than a minute after I took this photo Danny climbed even further into the tree and we heard, "I'm STUCK!" ::grin:: 
Such a brave boy! 

Mighty explorer.

When one discovers a magical world of trees, leaves and must of course, play at sword fighting. Allie is a good sport. 
Allie, Benny & Danny

"Bachan! I'm in the ORANGE tent!"

Of course, a comment like that brought the other two running. Three peas in a pod. 

Michael started a fire. Cory finished his meeting at their church and the boys and Arielle went home. The girls ran over to MAG to let Millie run in the field. We visited with Jamin around the fire. 

Michael enjoyed seeing all Jamin's photo gadgets. 

The girls joined us around the fire when they got home. Millie pretends to be disinterested in the fire. We enjoyed a chapter out of,  "Call of the Mild" by Torrey Martin. 

A quick note as I haven't kept up well. Both girls completed their midterms with flying colors. They are busy with their course work, social lives and ministry service. We couldn't be happier at how well they are settling into brick and mortar college life! Neither are working this semester so they can focus on all the transitions in their lives.