Monday, June 27, 2011

Field Trip with Friends

Misawa PWOC headed out to Towada Horse Park. Stacia had been wanting to go all summer, this was a treat.  Part of our summer plans are to have Japan 101 one week, followed by an Off Base Adventure the next week. We aim to give women new to Misawa a great introduction to Japan. 

Click for directions. We've visited in the fall without Michael and with Michael,  and winter, but this is our first summer trip. There was so much foliage we couldn't even see the top of the slide. 

Bre's first really big roller slide. 

After lunch - which proved to be an adventure as I simply pushed buttons for tickets and waited to see what we'd be eating - we suggested going to the Gardens. I really wanted to do this while Bre was home. Several families joined us..... Risoukyo Flower Garden and Outdoor Museum - it's worth the trip. I'll post directions soon.

Patiently making getas - wooden sandals. 

Choosing Joy!
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