Thursday, May 30, 2019

Gemma's Grand Day

Stacia and I spent the morning at BreZaak's. Bre had an appointment. We got to play. As happens every time we watch the kids, Gideon immediately began fort-building. 

Bella opted for a bit more sleep. 

It was a beautiful day so we headed outside after breakfast. 
"King of the Hill"
 Ah - SWEET! My first giant bouquet from Bella. Gideon is bringing some too1 

The back stoop was their stage. Bella their play director! 

Auntie Stacia and Bella
It was SO nice, we texted for permission to break out of the fence! 😏 We walked around the block, noting homes for CoRielle to check out, and stopped for a quick, "How do you do," at our friends Carl and Brenda's. 

Gemma brought out cookies for an outside snack. Bre makes some yummy cookies. 

I could get lost in this little guy's eyes....
Gideon - 2 years old
 Bella told me, "I can't take picture." I told her it was o.k. - I'd take care of it. 
Bella - 3 years old
 I wasn't too worried about Gideon's fascination with the hose. 

 Until he figured out the spigot end of the deal. I had flashbacks to his mommy chasing Krista around the yard with a hose....we moved on.

Back at home - GEMMA TOOK A NAP and Stacia had a Japanese lesson.

We asked if we could take Benny upstairs for a bit and discovered that CoRille were on their way out to look at a possible home.
Jamin, realtor, above - Cory in crawl space

We kept Benny. We taught him the wonders of a back scratcher. You can scratch your back AND it works as a gun.

How can one be the least bit tired with this energy around? 
Benny - 1 1/2 years old
 Papa's dinosaurs continue to be a hit. 

Wonder of wonders - Gemma can make the keyboard have SOUND. He had a great time playing and singing. Ah, the singing. 

My text message notification ends by making a raspberry. Whatever. It makes ME smile! This may have led to me instilling a bad habit in Benny...but he and I had a blast. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ Now, CoRille get to teach him not to blow raspberries at church.

I did NOT have time to work out this morning. I have to be in Anchorage tomorrow by 7:45....I'm going to get a 45 min workout in now.