Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crazy Fun Week

Whew! Every once in a while a week requires us to be out of the house every day...for this homeschooling family this is tiring.  ::grin:: I don't know how you all do this five days a week....week in and week out. 

A few highlights from the week....PCOC (Protestant Children of the Chapel) - the children's ministry arm of PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel).  The kids and I continue to enjoy serving the little ones of the chapel on Tuesdays.  THIS Tuesday ALMOST snuck up on us as Monday was a holiday and "threw off our groove."   

Nolan & Zander are my secret weapons with the pre-school boys
Note no faces showing other than Nolan's
As we left base on Tuesday, we realized Nolan had a doctor appointment - sure enough we'd just missed it. They were wonderful and rescheduled it for 08:00 Wednesday a.m. 

Wednesday Nolan saw a new PCM (Doctor). I think we're going to like this one. His blood pressure was high and so we need to do 5 readings in the next few weeks to see if it's really a problem or not. I guess they figure kid's blood pressure based on their height and weight. I suspect his five day readings will be fine. 

Random food photo - stir fried veggies over a baked potato
 I'm back to eating no added sugar....but I wanted some snacks that can travel as it is hard to find vegan in many of the places I find myself. I decided I'd allow myself sweeteners of craisins, raisins and dates....I conquered my fear of dates and prepared some Lara-like-bars for snacking....Next time I won't add chocolate chips; they were very rich...but I really was sure I didn't like dates. ::snort::  I also realized after making them the chocolate would have "added sugar." The oatmeal cranberry ones I make have no added sugar. These have dates, coconut, vanilla and a T of chocolate....tastes like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie. Recipe here. I find a whole bar is too much, so I package them in halves.

Thursday was MOPS - always fun. Today we learned how to use a DSLR. Korinne did a wonderful job. She even had a fall backdrop for taking photos....

I've not been telling Stacia on the days Arielle and I go to MOPS. I know she'll miss it. She's no longer of MOPPETE age....she asked this a.m. and I told her I was going to MOPS. She replied, "It's really very sad I am too old for MOPS." I agree. My baby is growing up.

The plan was to run Arielle home between MOPS and a casual study group....and pick up Stacia and Zander. We meet in the Weasel's Den (a community inside play area) and they like to play. Zander opted to stay home. It turned out Stacia was the only young un there....she was sad not to have anyone to play with but by the time we left several other kids had come in.

We spent some Mommy and Stacia time...she conned lovingly persuaded me to buy her this, "Just like the one Arielle got when Dad was in Korea."  (Before Stacia was born).

Arielle spent the night working on school (Holiday, PWOC, MOPS makes for a rushed week). These boys played a favorite game. I skyped with a ministry team. Stacia watched a "girl movie." 

It's good to be caught up because tomorrow is Friday Field Trip and I'm sure to have photos to share. Akikosan is going to go with us  - always fun and makes it oh-so-much-easier to understand what we are seeing. 
Choosing Joy!
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