Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks!

~I'm thankful for pink and purple duck tape.

~I'm thankful for the help of Jared, Arielle and Nolan today.

~I'm thankful we finally found the box with the Christmas books, movies and music.

~I'm thankful for old traditions (we watched Muppet Christmas Carol after decorating) and new traditions (our new Advent calendar).

©2008 D.R.G.

Black Friday (the title that won't show as a title ::snort::)

Does anyone find it ironic that we celebrate contentment and thankfulness on Thursday and literally trample others to get into the stores on Friday? ::snort::

No, I am not a 4 a.m. Black Friday Celebrant. Josiah and Jamin, however, understand the significance of this day for retailers. I can't wait to hear how big of a day they had today at the restaurant. ::snort::

I did a bit of shopping today. I discovered the very things I had briefly considered getting up early to fight for, were available online with free shipping. I took care of several family members that way.

It is not in our budget this year to buy PJ's for 12 folks. I compromised and bought some cute t-shirts. I decided to check at a store that usually has some cute ones and they were on I bought those.

I also went out to buy DUCK TAPE! Why? So we could decorate! We've come a long way since the days when we refused to put up any Christmas decorations. LOL

Wow - it takes MUCH longer to decorate, when the older four are not around to help. The ones at home really pitched in....but our work force is greatly reduced as the older ones leave home and/or get a job that requires working on Black Friday.

As always, we had two missing boxes, and so we didn't finish everything today. ::snort:: There is still tomorrow.

This is part of the pile of decorations we found in the attic last night.

First we had to take down fall decor...
Mike put this new Nativity up first thing...I knew the lighting wasn't going to work at high noon in TEXAS...but I couldn't miss this photo. Stacia was introducing herself, "Hello, Jesus, I'm Stacia."
The Light Crew was busy - we're about 1/2 done.
Are you wondering why it is taking so long this year? Besides the fact that the two older boys aren't home to help? Mike bought this thing that all the lights will hook plays MUSIC and pulsates the lights in rhythm to the music.....

Sweet Stacia was so good and so quiet for so long. I went to take some things to the kids room and noticed marker on a wall. . . then a door...then another door....then I said loudly, "Oh, NO," and heard, "I'm SOOO sorry, Mommy" from the closed door. Oy vey. She had drawn all over the boys' room. All over it, with a Sharpie. Here she tries her hand with a magic eraser...but this is not the room that she covered.
Wed night in the Fellowship Hall she discovered the big dry erase board and markers. She played for about an hour. Miss Joyce suggested we get a board for Christmas. I was thinking about it. I guess she really does like to draw. ::sigh:: This is the same girl that painted our fence and patio red in the summer.

She cracked me up when we told her it was naughty to draw on the wall....she picked up her phone and said, "Bre, I need to talk to David!" Later in the evening she was talking in her phone and said, "My mommy, really, really loves me." She DOES feel remorse over drawing on all the walls...

Jamin should be home shortly - I hope from a long day of work. That's our day.

©2008 D.R.G.