Thursday, February 11, 2016

Alex is 14

Fourteen years old - amazing....we spent some time remembering the bumps along the way for our alphabet child....we are thankful to be in this phase.

This young man BLESSES us. His unique perspective enhances our lives. It's always fun to get his take on things - from traveling sites, new campground neighbors or churches. LOL  I can guarantee you will get nothing but the unvarnished truth if you ask him his opinion.

Today was BEAUTIFUL and Zander wanted to go geo-caching. We decided to call school after lunch and revisit this cache. It turns out it is a three part cache. We found one, the general area of two and came back and read that scuba gear is helpful to find the third. We have a month before we leave the area. We are determined.
Zander with the 1st find - coordinates to the second inside
 When it became apparent we weren't going to find the remainder of the bridge cache, we drove up the road to see if we could find this one. Michael had thought about it and thought he knew where number one of this multi-cache must be....he was right. It was inside the pipe a ways.

While everyone was searching for the little box in the pipe - I found THESE. Why? Always me! I was sure they were supposed to be sleeping this time of year!
De'Etta's find - I KNOW they are harmless - I don't want to see them anyway! 
We all found the second part of this multi-cache! For all this work, we get to count one find. 

We also found a squirrel's cache
 The boys and Michael looked for one more....

Seriously looked - that's a flashlight
 They found where it SHOULD be  - and some glass beads - but it wasn't there. Mugglers! 

Stacia and Alex spent the next hour or so playing "The Game," while I fixed his birthday dinner. He chose Veggie Pot Pie.  He enjoyed the texts and calls from older siblings, the cards and gifts.

Wipeout Wii Game
 What a great sport to blow out his "pretend candles!" Michael made another wonderful ice cream cake! I can't believe a loaf pan is big enough for us now. LOL 

Zander told us he was quite sure David took a nap after conquering Goliath. ::snort::  A bit too much activity for the day.....he was ready to carry on after his brief respite. 

Settling down to play Wipeout! 

*Note Our birthday boy's name is Alexander. For the first years of his life he was Zander. He then asked to be Alex. To Krista and I he will always be Zander. He's a good sport about it.  

**Pretty sure it's time to make a new family shirt....the numbers have come off the boys' shirts....

You Thought I'd Forget!

I'm pretty sure with all the birthdays and such going on this week, you all thought I'd forget.

I didn't. 

Here's the Bella update! BreAnne is 31 weeks. She's moving on to appointments every two weeks. Everything looks great.  AND we are going to be snuggling Baby Bella in less than 11 weeks.