Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What? No blog?

Oy vey!!!!

I've not blogged since Friday..... time to CATCH UP.

Michael has some days where he is simply stubborn. He refuses to give in to Arthritis or Parkinson's and does what he wants to do - and those are usually very fun days or very productive days.  Our new awning arm came in and we are happily enjoying an awning! Just in time for the heat of Texas.

We stopped by for a quick visit with my parents before we headed to Winco for groceries. They were doing laundry. This reminded Michael that I'd said it takes FOREVER to draw a big load in their dryer. Cleaning out the vent grew and grew - a project that ended up taking 5 hours, 2 trips to the store and lots of laughter as we found 23 or 25 safety pins in the dryer hose....and other repairs to tend to.
Alex went under the house

Michael went under the house
We have enough Sundays in Eugene to visit all the kids' churches. Today we went to Westside Foursquare. The pastor wasn't there, but the sermon was good and seeing Arielle and Cory was a bonus. We all headed over to Krista's church, Lively Stone,  next. She and Kent had been up late making was a Mexico Mission Trip fundraiser. It was fun to jump in and help. We enjoy fellowship with this branch of the body.

Michael was in a lot of pain and so we ducked out and spent the rest of the day cozy in the Caboose.

We are blessed to be able to go with the day - flex as needed. Monday was another not so wonderful day for Michael. The fatigue and shakes which sometimes hit regardless of meds and patches - hit. We went with it. Nolan had Japanese lesson - so it WAS a productive day. ::Snort::

I finally made it to Winco.

The highlight of Tuesday was lunch with Mom, Dad and Aunt Marge!  Aunt Marge and Aunt Celia were single missionaries who first came into my life in Liberia, West Africa. They taught me K - 2. I used to ride between Marge and Ceila on their motor scooter around the mission compound.  Years later, when I was a high school student in the Philippines, they were reassigned to the Philippines! How cool is that? Marge lives in the Philippines now, but was stateside for 3 weeks. I would love to make a trip to visit.
Me and Auntie Marge - 4+ decades later
Tuesday Bella turned two weeks old. I love this photo! She is growing in all the ways she should be and coming into a sweet personality. 

Michael attended a Men's prayer group this a.m. I attended a Ladies brunch. We made an unexpected trip to the local VA clinic. We filed a piece of paper the VA system had sent to the wrong address. Michael had a session with JaRissa - and we all enjoyed seeing photos of their Alaskan apartment.

That's all folks!