Sunday, May 20, 2018

Day 6 - Hershey, PA - Lynchburg, VA

 We rock. Up, packed, in the car and heading back to Chocolate World by 0845.  This is a great time to show up. We had tickets for our first event at 0915. We were in with the first group, it wasn't crowded. We picked up some souvenirs,  tasted chocolate, made a candy bar and went on a Trolley tour of the town.  We were on the road back to VA shortly after noon.

Evidently, all letters will be backwards in selfie mode. LOL 
Stacia, Maria, Me, Krista

Krista is great at fixing sisters hair
Stacia, Me

Available for $9
 Tasting Chocolate

I was surprised how many brands are owned by the Hershey Corp....Lancaster Caramels, Dagoba, Brookside....

Let the tasting begin - cleanse the palette; taste, don't bite...
Our next adventure was to make our own candy bars.  
Suited up and ready to go! 
Mine is the white on the left - haven't opened it to eat yet so no finished photo
 Debbie and Lor both recommended the Trolley tour of Hershey. We learned a bit of history and a lot of interesting info about Milton Hershey. I am very impressed. 
On the Trolley 
 We didn't go into Hershey Park at all - too rainy and too many other things to see. 

Hershey Park with the Chocolate World's smokestacks in the background

Sweetest street lights in America

Our drive back to VA passed quickly, with lively conversation. Traveling throws off your groove...we pulled into Chick Fil A, only to remember - "They're closed on Sunday."

We are home safe and sound in Lynchburg.  We have a couple days left of our trip.