Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Game

This has been a common sight around our home for years!
Plumas Lake
It's rather complex and difficult to trace the origins of The Game. It began  around 15 years ago (we think) when Jared (8)  Arielle (5) and Nolan (3) played a spy game. It later became more of a fantasy game with Arielle and Nolan and then Nolan and Alex.  It's an imaginary world the kids invent and populate and then experience grand adventures.  We suspect the older Gherkins had their own version of the game....but this is as far back as Nolan's (17) memory goes. 

It's always a bit sad as the kids grow up and morph into video games, books and more grown up Algebra 2 and Chemistry.

Alex and Stacia remember playing the game from the time she was 3 and he was 6 1/2.  For years they were secretive as the older ones "made fun" of them - seriously, I think this is an erroneous conclusion. I think the older kids liked remembering their imaginative games...but nonetheless they went "underground."  

We began noticing they would go out for long walks.....around and around our yards in Misawa and then Plumas Lake. Every day....they were playing the game. Theirs is a world full of dragons, elves, wars, kings, knights, dwarves.....water people, fire people, wind people......and a random princess warrior....they each play multiple parts. 

I wondered if the game would end when we moved into the Caboose. Space would be limited both inside and outside and the kids are growing made me a bit sad. 

Fort Stephens State Park

But - no! They've kept up their walks....adding new scenery and adventures to their old characters. I've seen them play the game in the Redwoods, at the ocean, in state parks (above) and here at Fam Camp (below).

Beale Fam Camp

They're still rather secretive and don't pose for photos - but I've taken a few. They've caught the attention of our campground neighbors and so they've shared a bit about their game with a few folks.....I love the connection they have. I love that the game morphs as their interests change. For a long time it was simply acting out Lord of the Rings.....they've both begun books based on various parts of "the game."

Seven years and going strong....that's some imaginary world.

On a side note - this has actually been fantastic for Alex to learn to let others into his world.....and that world has expanded.