Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beach Baptisms (and Parish Picnic)

This was a great day celebrating with those who make up the Misawa Protestant Parish. We had a join service, a baptism, BBQ, canoes, paddle boats, motor boats (and all the fun that comes with that), two bouncy castles and lots of fun.

The setting was beautiful. Michael spoke from I Peter (the goal is to make it through I Peter before we PCS - we're about done with Chapter One) about a sincere, fervent love of the brethren. This is a repeated theme of recent sermons in our various services. I love it when the Holy Spirit weaves a theme through a parish.

At the end of the service Michael and Ch. C called those who were to be baptized to the lake.....we all crowded around the shore. There are a variety of doctrinal views of baptism represented at our parish - but many commented on how special it was to have these three take this step with the whole faith community present. 

They made their professions of faith and were each baptized. What a joy it was to watch Arielle be baptized. She'd always refused the whole notion due to her dislike of being front and center.... When the timing was right, God impressed the desire to obey the Word and she followed.

Nolan was next. There is simply no greater joy than watching your children follow God, take these milestones of the faith.

Terribly fun to be connected to Randy and Tina forever now as our children shared their baptism site and date. 

 I do think three youth choosing to be baptized today is a tribute to not only parents, God's wooing....but the mentoring of our AMAZING youth staff. 
Love this photo I snagged during prayer....I couldn't help it.

I have seventy photos - I won't share all - but I'll share the ones which I think the subjects wouldn't mind being on our blog. Now that we print the blog and it's our only photo album....I really want to capture some of our friends.  Love this family and am so glad they'll PCS the same summer we do. ::snort:: Samson and Reba are delightful and Reba can always be counted on to deliver HUGS. 

Love Susi, Richard and Ricky - Our Yuuki benefactors

The kids loved tubing and canoeing around the lake....funny thing happened when Michael, Stacia and I went out. We discovered Alecia and Arielle in the water beside their canoe. ::snort:: Alecia jumped in, Arielle jumped in to help her get back into the canoe....and there you have it. 

It was a great day!

Choosing Joy!
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