Saturday, July 03, 2021

Krista and Luke's Wedding Day

Before we say anything else...we began the week with predictions of 60% rain for Saturday. It was beautiful and sunny all week and the predictions slowly went away. I'm not sure I've ever prayed so fervently for weather. ::snort:: The day was overcast - which was great as it wasn't hot in the sun AND the lighting was easier as their were little shadows - but NO RAIN AT ALL.  Thank you to all who joined us in praying. 

 At 4:30  Michael told me he had pink eye and didn't think he could do the wedding. I made an online appointment for him at urgent care - told them he suspected pink eye and his daughter was getting married today - he was officiating - needed medical advice.  Next on the day's agenda was driving Alex to work. 

We brainstormed ideas for carrying on without Michael. The girls began arriving shortly before 0700. Krista had asked if they could get ready here because the natural lighting was better than the church and at an outside wedding it would be best to put on make up in natural lighting.....and she knew how much it meant to me to be able to be so involved in all the little details of her wedding. We have been as involved as we could be in all the other weddings, but given we were in Japan or CA  and the wedding planning was taking place thousands of miles away....this was the first wedding we were able to be hands on in the planning stages, and we loved it. 

Arielle (little Sister) fixes Krista's hair

Britany helps Stacia with makeup 

Larissa helps Allie

Krista helped Allie with her hair while Larissa
gives her a manicure

When I shared our plans for carrying on without Michael, Krista quite simply said, "He can stay in the car until he gets out to walk me down the aisle, do the wedding and get back into the car if need be." LOL The doc confirmed pink eye and told Michael to go ahead and do the wedding - avoid lots of hugs.  Which he did. 

The girls went up to Hatcher's Pass - a beautiful spot and a favorite family happy well as a dating location for Krista and Luke.  A word about our photographer before I go further. Alaina is Arielle's bestie. They met in college and their friendship has been fast and strong. Alaina has visited up here previously 2 or 3 times. She's got a way with cameras! Krista purchased her a ticket and she was happy to fly up and take photos....and take photos she has. I can't wait to see the photos. She began snapping the minute she got here I believe...and being a close friend she has been WITH us since she arrived. I hope she can have a couple of days to have fun and relax with CoRielle before she flies back to the lower 48.  

πŸ“· by Maria

πŸ“· by Maria

Bridesmaids - Maria, Brittany, Allie, Stacia, Arielle - Matron of Honor
πŸ“· by Maria

πŸ“· by Maria


We did NOT go with them to Hatcher's pass.  Heather, Larissa and I cleaned up, got ready and got all the "little things" packed and headed towards the church. Jared left at 0900 to pick up the bouncy house on base. 

Things went together really well. Shade, a couple of tables, and chairs were set up for those who wanted it. An aisle was marked out in the field. Water balloons were filled. The bouncy house was set up. Heather, Larissa and I put together the pieces I'd collected to make the vision for a picnic/photo spot a reality. 

Mona was in charge of decorating tables. Jennifer helped her make the tablecloths.
Mona - Luke's mom πŸ“· by Mark

Favors - love spilt milk soaps!
πŸ“· by Mark

Stacia tops the cake. She was worried I'd forget to bring the cake.

Krista and Luke love the shooting range

                                                                        πŸ“·by Mark

We stole some quiet moments with Krista (I'm behind there - really). LOL 
πŸ“· by Arielle

And suddenly it was time for Luke to escort Mona and I to our seats....and for the wedding to begin. Benny was NOT going to get married and agreed to do this if he could walk Mama down the aisle. Auntie Co-Co knows Benny and put the rings on the t-rex's little arms. 

πŸ“· by Linsey

πŸ“· by Lindsey

I didn't snap most the ceremony photos. I've been waiting for a Brittany and Nate photo to pop up - not yet. I'm sure Alaina got one. LOL  Bella was the flower girl and tossed dandelions as she went up the aisle. 

Michael and Krista

Michael gives Luke a charge..."Giving your daughter to another man is like giving a Stradivarius violen to a gorilla..." 

Luke accepted the charge, Michael and Shannon switched places and the wedding continued.  Krista had told the girls to each pick a different pastel color. She didn't want them to try to match styles. I think they look great together.  

After a couple of days of wildflower picking Benny simply couldn't leave the dandelions unpicked. 

πŸ“· by Mark 

Stacia, Allie, Brittany

Maria, Benny, Bella, Arielle

Luke and Krista took communion while BreAnne sang Amazing Grace. 

Mr. & Mrs. Luke Norman

The reception was a  picnic. There was an ice cream sundae bar manned by Kristi and Mona (Luke's sister and mom). 

Gideon sampling BOTH lemonades

πŸ“·by Kristi

Jared, Jamin and Izaak lob water balloons at Josiah

They held up well


Michael and I 

Ameilee & Krista

CoRielle πŸ“· by Ameilee

CoRielle πŸ“· by Ameilee

That's my grandson in the middle - Danny. 

πŸ“· by Ameilee

Josiah and Carrie (CyRi)

I have loved each Gherkin wedding. This reminded me of Krista's unique vision for her graduation. This celebration was also uniquely Krista and Luke. It WAS a church wedding...but it was outside and it was beautiful.  She didn't want fuss - and it was low fuss. She planned it to be a fun gathering for her, time to connect, bouncy house for the kids. It had all the elements that were important to them...and it came off beautifully.  I am in awe once again of how Krista can see a vision and make it happen very frugally....I mean free wedding flowers...who has ever heard of such a thing? And she wasn't stressing or nervous about FINDING the was fun, memory making, fun with her family and bridesmaids. It was a great day. 

*Note - Alex and Nolan were there. Dad was there. They evaded camera...but I'm SURE they didn't get away from Alaina. LOL