Monday, May 23, 2016

A Birthday to Remember

Arielle is special. All of our children are treasures to us  - yet Arielle was the "baby girl" for her brothers and sisters for nine years, until Stacia became the baby girl....they still vie for the title amongst themselves and I call them both my baby girls. I'm diplomatic that way. ::snort::  Arielle has a special place in the hearts of both her older and younger siblings. We don't quite understand it - but she does. To the older five, she's the baby sister. To the younger three - she's the fun ringleader.

Today, Arielle turned 19!  We have taken great joy in her sweet spirit. Joy shines through her life - we see Jesus in Arielle.  We all miss her in our home terribly, but it's been fun to watch her face incredible challenges this year and soar.  This happened today....

Stacia wants to know how wet Cory got! 

Did we know this was coming? Well, now. Michael and I see ourselves as wise, fun and incredibly relevant. Many of our friends are in their 20's and 30's.....but we have learned when young men start wanting to spend time with us - it's time to check our daughters. ::snort::  When Cory began hanging around, we looked around to see which daughter we were in peril of "losing."

We like Cory. He called and talked to Michael before they began dating. When we are in town, he makes time to just come sit at the trailer with us and chat - without Arielle. He's had several "meaningful" conversations with Michael. We knew this was Cory's intent. Michael only asked him to carefully consider timing - and we didn't tell Arielle Cory had talked to Michael becase that was his story and surprise to share when he saw fit. For the same reason, we didn't tell the other kids, thus some are very surprised.

We knew it was coming - eventually - and I'm not at all surprised it happened on her birthday! 

Cory loves the Lord. He treasures our daughter and treats her with utmost respect. They met at New Hope Christian College. He recently completed a mission trip in Papua, New Guinea - building a church. He and Arielle both finished their freshman year at college.

Arielle is 19. Cory is 23. Yes, we know she is young. We also know we married at the same ages and 32 years later, we don't regret being married young. It's about the foundation of  your relationship and not the age on the birth certificate. It's also about God's timing and and leading in your life. We are so glad Cory did not show up at college before Arielle did.

Yes, it's a bit exhilarating to consider all the changes Arielle faced this past year - and to contemplate her as an engaged young woman - and yet - we know her heart, we know she follows God wholeheartedly and has bathed this relationship in prayer.

We are thrilled for this young couple! 

PS Izaak and BreAnne have a blog name  - BreZaak. Jared and Larissa have a blog name - JaRissa. We are brainstorming for Cory and Arielle and I just don't know......