Monday, July 09, 2012

Mommy Stories

A few mommy stories I've been collecting: 

Sitting in the hot tub with Stacia and BreAnne days after Dad G's burial. 
Stacia: I think I'll have 20 kids. 

Bre: Really? Wow, why? 

Stacia: I don't want the family name to die out. 
Maybe I'll just have 5.

Bre: Oh.

Stacia: No 5 would be lame.  I could have one. That happens you know.

Bre: Yes, it does.

Stacia: I'll have one or ten!

Heard in the girl's hotel room somewhere in Idaho
Stacia: Mom, would you tell Arielle to quit with the swirlies? 

Mom: WHAT?

Staica: She's leaving the toilet wet.

Mom: Um..... Bre jumps in with the info that the towels are right over the toilet so when we wash our hands and go to dry them we are sprinkling water on the toilet.  That seems to settle it, until....

Stacia: No, Arielle  came out of the bathroom crying because she gave herself a swirly.

Hilarious discussion ensued between four girls as I laughed.

Stacia: Arielle, you ACCIDENTALLY gave yourself a swirly.

Arielle: I could NOT accidentally put my face in the toilet.

Stacia: Quite emphatically and seriously, "You came out of the bathroom and you stunk!"  ::snort::

Shopping in Target - retold by Bre
 Nolan (13yr old bro) and Stacia (6yr old sis):

Stacia: Oh! This would be perfect! Isn't it cute?! (spoken repeatedly about everything she lays her eyes on)

Nolan: Now that we have established that everything in the store is cute....

Stacia: continued exclamations regarding the perfection/cuteness of stuff.

Nolan: Guys don't look for cute stuff when they are shopping. They only look for material they can use to destroy the world.

Stacia: affirming the truth of his statement;P

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