Friday, December 01, 2023

A Hard Day

Today was hard. It's been one month since many of us gathered at the funeral home and cried, laughed, remembered and prayed. We said our final farewell to Josiah's earthly body.  

Alyse grabbed a photo here and at the service

One month. 

It's such a short time and yet it feels as if an eternity has been lived in that month. 

Michael and I both struggled today. 

God graciously sent activity to our home. 

Jamin stopped by on the way to the airport! He'll be in TX for a week. We are praying it's perfect grace for Jamin in this season...visiting old places he and Josiah used to haunt, connecting with old friends. 

CoRielle and the boys came over this afternoon.  The younger ones come in asking for hot chocolate parties at this point. I've made a reputation.   While Cory played with the boys outside, Arielle and I visited, and I popped some cookies into the oven. 

After our treat Michael played games and cuddled with times one who didn't want to play a game, at times all 3. 

We played games. While Benny and Cory are much better than I at this exploding monkey game - I did win Benny in a game of Candyland. 

Stacia had a friend, Linnea, over to work on a project. When they were done, they and Allie bounced out to buy pizza. This took 2 hours! WHAT??? They spent the time thrifting. Allie found a great sweater. Stacia found more props for the Christmas play. 

Michael took the fall decor out (except for the bit we left up). He has been bringing in boxes here and there and I've put up what I've wanted from them. We are NOT putting everything up this year. We do have a few things up. The girls put up the tree tonight. 

After Linnea went home, Stacia did a few more hours of homework downstairs. Allie's favorite spot is by the fire...she worked on homework from that perch.  I'm not sure homework is pictured here. 

GG went to bed. Michael and I read. I fell asleep to wake up at 0316. Michael stayed up. 

1. Visit from Jamin on the way to fly to TX.
2.Meeting Linnea, friend of Stacia and the tree up.
3. Visit from Cory, Arielle and boys.....thankful to have won Benny in a game of Candyland.