Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yuuki Photo of the Day

Yuuki can be a bit of a distraction during Family Circle....Tonight Stacia asks us, "Pray Yuuki has a good day tomorrow." ::big grin:: This dog is a becoming a wee bit pampered, me thinks. 

For the past couple of days Stacia has been worried that Yuuki needs friends. She used to LOVE to go get her hair cut so she could play with Reeses and Lucy, Barb's dogs. She told me again this a.m. "Mom, you need to call Ms. Barb, and ask her if Yuuki and Reese and Lucy can be friends. I'm going to have to tell Reese that I still love her but I have my own dog now. ....but Yuuki doesn't have any other dogs in our house to be friends."....Not sure if she's concerned for Reese's feelings or angling for another dog. ::snort::

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