Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Serene and The Clamorous

It has been a new experience for us to watch leaves falling with the snow.....I tried to get a photo.

The appliance repairman came out and we finally have four burners and an oven that works!!!!! It only took five weeks and four visits. I feel like Steve, the repairman, is our first friend in the Valley. ::snort:: 

All is not quiet and serene at our home. This has been going on since Saturday....yes, we've called the home warranty....and it turns out the same company will be fixing our fridge....ON FRIDAY.

Green Beans with Garlic and Almonds (Laura M)

This is my friend Laura's recipe as found on Life at Willis Creek Ranch blog. They were yummy!

1 T Olive Oil
5 or 6 cloves of Garlic, minced
1/3 C sliced Almonds
1 pound fresh green beans
salt, pepper and onion powder (optional)

Heave the oil, add garlic.
 Add almonds when garlic is about 1/2 way browned.  Allow to brown well.
Add green beans.
Add seasonings.
Cover and cook on med to med high  - stirring periodically. It takes 8 - 10 min.
Add a dollop of butter for flavor as needed.

My Notes: 
I added sliced mushrooms to the garlic and proceeded to saute. 

I had trouble with sticking and added about 1/4 C of water to steam them through - "crisply steamed." 

I used our house seasoning in place of seasonings....

These were yummy - Stacia commented a bit of soy sauce would add a zing to them.