Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Home" Again

We woke refreshed to this beautiful view from the windshield! Michael spurred us on to a morning walk before we left Olallie Campground. 
Raining just a "bit." 

Michael schools Stacia on the working of old-fashioned pumps. 
The one "water source" for the campground
It was a quick 50 miles back to Springfield from the campground. Michael stopped for diesel, we discovered, though you can't pump your own gas in OR, they prefer you pump your own diesel. πŸ˜‰ The boys unhooked Nimo and Michael suggested Stacia and I go visit my mom. This is just what we did, while they went to fill with propane, washed Uchi and did a few other errands.

We had a nice visit with Mom. She has 8 radiation sessions left. Radiation is nasty. Enough said.

We've been gone for three weeks and Bella has changed much in those weeks. She now walks or runs about 90% of the time, has developed new personality and wonderful hand gestures - "What?"  "I don't know" and she signs, please, thank you, more and stop.
AND she has a darling sense of fashion
 Bre's changed quite a bit too! 6 weeks until Gideon is due to arrive. 

Izaak grilled a yummy dinner of steaks and tuna. Arielle came over - and we are thankful she is so close to her apartment as she's so sick these days. She is now 12.5 weeks pregnant, praying she has relief soon from the "morning" sickness that is plaguing during waking hours.

I'll end this post with some video clips of Bella.  It's been a full day - nice to be home and see Mom, Dad, Lorri and the kids. We'll catch up with Cory tomorrow - he was busy working tonight.

Bella's growing walking skills

We Have a Secret to SHARE

FINALLY - the excruciating wait to tell the world is over...... It's actually been a delightful secret these past 5 or so weeks.  One we can pull out, ponder and savor....but now it's time to SHARE with you. 

CoRielle shared their great news with the online world today! Arielle has made her way through her first trimester. They are excited to announce, they are adding to their family in late November.

We do not know the gender of Baby S - they liked the shoes!

Just in case you can't see the darling nose of this little one  - here's the blown up photo.......Baby S at 12 weeks!

We are beyond excited to welcome another Grandblessing to this world!