Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sunday in San Angelo

We love Japan. We love it so much we don't want to leave and have seriously wondered what we can do to remain in the country after retirement. 

However, being HERE has been strange for us.  This was a "different" assignment as it is a student base.  We find we still have many friends left in the community - produce co-op, united co-op, SACHSA (homeschooling), retirees and contract workers at base..... We've gone "back" to past assignments but usually the majority of friends are no longer there. Coming here has felt like coming "home" fact a chaplain new to us welcomed the kids and I home today when we went to chapel. It was a blessing to hear how this chapel had prayed for us after the Tsunami last year. 

Yesterday, Nolan and Zander went to birthday parties. I visited with Moms as they came and left and got to see Adrienne, Misty, Deja, and Regina's hubs (Derek, I think).  Great fun. We event felt a bit "christmasy" as it is the tradition of this family to have guests at parties bring gifts or donations for a charity or mission etc.  The kids and I had fun feeling a cart at Dollar General for a Mexico outreach. I've already blogged about the library. 

Today......we went to chapel at Goodfellow Air Force Base. We felt so loved and welcomed. What a joy to see so many dear faces and get to catch up. Goodfellow has a CONSTANT turnover as it's a student base...but the core of retirees remains...and it was great fun to meet new Air Force Chaplain families too. One has followed us to Anchorage, then Goodfellow and I told him he needs to try to get to Misawa. LOL  I didn't take photos.....forgot. Oops.  I did take this one....We pulled up and Zander said, "They still have the same nativity!" As a 4 - 5 yo he had moved these things all over the lot of the old chapel. Stacia was born weeks after we arrived at Goodfellow. 

This afternoon Nolan and I went to watch Josiah be abducted  inducted into the National Association of Leadership and Success.  I enjoyed listening to the director of the school at GAFB speak about leadership - great food for thought...and I loved being there to watch this. I didn't get a great photo - but I got one! 

Josiah is 3rd from left....
I dropped in to HEB and took food over to the boys' house for dinner and a quick visit. This upcoming week is finals for the boys! 

Choosing Joy!
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