Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thursday with Benny

 Thursdays are our insanely busy day. Stacia and I begin the day with our personal Bible study, we're home by 1100 for her piano lesson, then Japanese at 2:00, dinner by 5:00 p.m. and Life Group at 6:30 p.m.

Arielle texted Wed night to ask if Stacia could either nanny for her on Thursday or if we could watch Benny as she nannied. She doesn't like to take Benny sick to work - obviously. It simply wasn't a good day for Stacia to work. She does love filling in for Arielle.

I didn't want GG exposed to a sick Benny - so I volunteered to come to their home. It was also much more comfortable for Benny. Stacia snuck in the car. LOL

As they watched "Monkey" - Curious George - I did a few things around the house to bless Arielle. Benny got the cleaning bug and went to town. 

"Mommy likes clean!"
Note her tree is still up! I love it. 

We had to take all the toys off the shelf so he could clean the shelves. 

Cleaning is hard work! 
 After lunch Benny painted a few pictures for my art gallery. I'll have to snap a photo or two when I have a breather.

"Baachan? I nap."

Sure thing! We hustled Benny off to sleep and the house was quiet...and Stacia and I talked through this week's study in the Beatitudes. We talked about a Biblical definition for meekness and how that applies to our lives.

Michael dropped by to be sure Stacia was home in time for her Japanese lesson. He had hoped to catch Benny, but Benny was still napping.

They drove off and I was SHOCKED....blessed quiet and peace. I had about 40 minutes of silence and solitude and it strengthened and renewed my spirit. I did some thinking, praying and journaling about leadership.

I got home around 3 p.m. - threw a loin and squash in the oven, steamed some asparagus and set about picking up. The house was clean and dinner on the table at 5. We were ready for our "lifers" to arrive...and we discussed Job....the tendency we have to hold on to our creed and our belief about what God should be like - rather than what He IS like.

It was a long day and, YET, it was an incredibly peaceful day. It was confirmation to thoughts I've been pondering about being yoked with Jesus and finding rest...and the principle of Sabbath.