Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Dentist

Just because I love to add chaos to already busy weeks and because a trip to OR for PT, starting school, trying to do 5 days in 3 days wasn't ENOUGH, I scheduled our first trip to a new dentist this week, too. LOL  Hope recommended Dr. W, AND he takes Delta Dental; so off we went.

I was in my late 20's before it was discovered that Novocaine does not deaden me. I spent years having dental work (cavities drilled and filled, teeth pulled, braces) assuming the pain I felt was normal.  I NOW KNOW BETTER! A good dentist uses other stuff on me, waits and gives me second doses as needed - but I STILL dislike going to a dentist.  Some things get burned into the psyche and don't go away.

I sat in the office, trying to look supremely calm and confident - so the kids would be confident. I've decided when I'm Mom G's age I'm not going to the dentist without a fight.

After our appointments, we checked out a few new RV Parks and campgrounds  (long back story), took the kids for ICE CREAM (a tradition after shots and dentists) and bought groceries for Mom G and us. I was excited to find a bit of Japanese comfort food on this emotionally trying day. LOL

*Note full-timers still need to take care of basic dental and health care needs. We are working to get as much done while we are here, less to worry about when we are traveling more extensively in the future.

BTW, this was our one year "nomadiversary" - one year of living and traveling full time in our Caboose. I'll need more time to process and write a post worthy of that date - later.