Sunday, January 19, 2020

Winter Survival Tip #838

Yes, this windshield cover is worth its price. No more scraping the windshield in -0 weather.  No driving to town with 3 inches of viewing space (not that I would ever do that).

YES, I DO let it warm up for 15 min....but it was often NOT defrosted OR warm!  I just pull the cover off and throw it in the back....clear windshield.

If you don't store your car in a garage - heed THIS winter survival tip....BUY ONE OF THESE!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Buying Meat

I only buy meat when I can get it at 50% off or better....and then I stock up. This week I found boneless, skinless, fresh chicken breasts for $2.49 a lb. I canned 22 pints....and about 6 pints of red beans too.

It makes me happy to have canned chicken on the shelves. It's GREAT to whip up a chicken salad, add to green salads, or make Chicken divan, enchiladas, rice bowls, soups, etc... a life saver during our busy school year schedule.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Winter Bonfire

It's been a tad bit chilly for winter bonfires - but maybe it's warm enough to give it a shot. Hot chocolate and s'mores around the fire in the winter...priceless.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

News from Afar

It was a red-letter day around here....a postcard from Nate and Heather. Seems THEY spent Christmas in Brunei and it's a tad bit warmer than it is in Alaska.

We can't get too worked up about their warmth - they are living in Kstan now and it's rumored to have a winter similar to ours.

It's always fun to hear from them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Dreaming of Summer?

As I went about morning outside chores I couldn't help indulging in a bit of summer dreaming....

I coaxed the chickens out of the coop with the lure of fresh scraps.  You can see Phoenix is up and about now...but definitely has touches of frost bite.  

I dropped compost in the lasagna bed in the garden. The moose have been out here. Glad to do my part to keep them fed. 

It really IS beautiful here in the winter. It isn't my favorite time of year, but it is the prettiest time of year. 

Oops - good thing this is here to keep the mosquitoes at bay. LOL 

Summer will come again. 

It may be cold outside - but it's warm inside. See the smoke from our wood stove? It HAS warmed up to 10* today....much better than -18*.  We also gained about 4 min of sun today....Those pale areas on the corners of the house - frost.

Monday, January 13, 2020

No More Workouts With The Chickens

They made it happen. They knew I was looking for a chance to move all the exercise equiptment inside....and THEY MADE IT HAPPEN!!!! 
Alex, Krista, Stacia
 Note there is not ONE CHICKEN enjoying the covered area we created for them. LOL 

And now....I can work out without a rooster perching on the handles.....ah, the joy.

Michael is pretty happy to have more room in "his garage".... the riding mower is inside...maybe a car sooner or later....but if nothing else more space for the workshop.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Family Everywhere

 This can only mean one thing....

Our day in the nursery at MAG. We walked in the door and were surprised to see Benny and Arielle. Cory works on Sunday and it can be a long day to fill. I had told her we were in the nursery and if she needed a play date to stop by. Unfortunately, I mentioned this in front of Benny. They pulled up at their church and he said, "Not Baachan's church."  LOL Arielle decided to stop by after their service and let him play with all of us. 

 Michael didn't get enough play time in the nursery - there are kids under there....

We opted for lunch at DQ - sort of. I may have had a bit of contraband food - but this family gives them so much business they were o.k. with that. It was a fun visit as Allie and Caitlynn joined us.  The plans are in motion to have people over here instead of eating out every week - but I need to really work the plan before we jump. LOL

After lunch we headed to BreZaak's. They had several from their church and all of the family congregate to celebrate Annie turning 1!!!

A great day spent with family - church and natural. We're blessed.