Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Tuesday Didn't Slow Down

Monday was lived at warp speed? Tuesday certainly didn't slow down. I started the day over at CoRielle's playing with the boys. Things started tame enough with a favorite read aloud. 

Later in the day I texted a few favorite photos to Arielle. She commented we did ALL the kits. Well not all of them, but the boys DO love to get into the closet with kits and games. The rule is one at a time. We worked through them and had a blast. 
Magnetic tiles

They love the construction kit. "Maam may I help you?" Such a kind gentleman. I asked for help finding a thingamujig to fix my whatzit. Benny was up to the task. LOL 

Exchanging kits - One of Little Buddy's favorite things to do! 

I'm not sure why pounding yourself is a hit with these guys...

Danny liked the filter from this tile.  About this time a bird flew right into the window. He was stunned and the boys got a close up look through the window at the little thing. 

The 2-year-olds and I played with the Ducks. My goal was to buy Benny a bit of peace to play with playdought. 

Bachan down! I developed a headache. Took a pill - on an empty stomach and got nauseated. LOL 

I visited briefly with Arielle when he got home before she had to leave for Little Buddy's therapy. I drove off to meet Michael and Ed for lunch. 

Michael ran an errand after lunch and I stole the time to do some shopping. I had great plans for getting a lot done in the afternoon. LOL 

I had just enough time at home to hug Allie, unload "stuff" and pick up Stacia. We went to get Lorelei, a friend of hers, from Bre's house where Lorelei's little sister and Mom were having a tea party with Bre and her kids. The girls had a great time exploring town. I sat in the car with a chai tea and caught up on text messages and did as much "work" as I could. 

Stacia and I created some fajita type concoction for dinner. Then she and I got busy making chocolate creations, cookies and treats for tomorrow's event. 

While we worked in the kitchen Michael worked on the playhouse. He's sanded, pressure washed, and primed the roof. When I got home GG was sanding boards on the deck. We need to find more projects like this for him to do. 
Michael is done with work for the day. GG is in bed. Stacia just went to soak her feet and go to bed. I'm ready to call it a day as well. It's been a full day. 

Oh - can you guess what we're up to? 
If we're not too tired at the end of the day tomorrow we'll share more photos and details. It's going to be fun. 

Monday, June 05, 2023

Monday at Warp Speed

 We had a list of social media things we needed to do for the church today. I knocked the ones out at home I could - just scheduling posts for upcoming events, sending reminders for this and that, and then we went over to the church. Michael started the uploading of the sermon. This takes a couple of hours to load, and as we don't live on campus, it involves coming back over on Monday. While he got that going, I began making copies for the new Ladies Bible Study. 

We headed over to the parsonage while the video loaded. I wanted to take some Old English to the wood furniture and mop the floors one more time. Michael washed windows inside and out.  You cannot beat the views from the parsonage! Michael got the entry level windows at the church done too. It was such a beautiful day. 

We got home and threw some food on the table. Stacia had a date at Nolan and Alex's and we dropped her off on our way to Benny's T-Ball game.  The wind was a bit chilly, but the weather is much nicer. We didn't give GG the opportunity to tell us he wasn't coming this week. LOL 

Papa and Danny

Cory, Arielle, Michael, Little Buddy, Danny, GG 

GG is not 100% sure what to think about T-ball. He can't figure out why they aren't calling outs or keeping score.  While we're yelling, "Great catch!" He's yelling, "THROW IT TO FIRST!" ::snort:: 

Back at home Michael finished this project for me. I'm happy to have a table on the deck. I have plans to get GG outside a bit more than he's been doing. It's not THAT cold. The table is from Luke and Krista's recent downsize/move. 

Sunday, June 04, 2023

Down to the River

 It seemed to take us a long time to bust out of church this Sunday. Maybe the sun was simply calling loudly.  In any event, after we were all ready to go, we went over to a local diner with a young family from church. They had been cruising while we watched Jess's bunny.  It was fun to hear about their adventure over lunch. They came back to our home and collected their bunny. 

Stacia left during our church service to go watch Little Buddy and Danny while Cory and Arielle were busy with a New Members class at their church. I received a text calling me to the river, and I knew I would go. GG wouldn't be able to navigate the way to the river...Michael was tired and happy to stay home with him. Allie opted to stay home as well. I went to the river!!!

Benny, Little Buddy, Arielle, Danny

When I first arrived it was just Arielle, Stacia and Benny. Cory was resting at home with the 2-year-olds. 

Stacia, Benny and Arielle

It was fantastic to be able to sit in the warm sun after our long winter. BTW people who have grown up here have told me this winter DID really feel like it went on much longer than typical. 
Me and Stacia

Cory brought the little boys and things began to hop! For them. I'm Bachan. I don't have to chase little ones...I can soak up rays and smile at their antics while Cory and Arielle chase them. Sometimes I help. LOL 

While we were lazing at the river, Jamin called. He was about to put the paddleboard in at a local lake and wanted to know if we wanted to join him. It would have been so fun, but we would have had to go home and then back out...which led Stacia and I to decide we need to put some towels, the paddleboard, and a kite in the back of the van. 
Danny, Cory, Little Buddy 

Cory had to leave before we did as they were having baptisms at their church tonight. Stacia and I went home and joined the rest of the family for a bit of rest and screen time. 

And...while it's not REALLY Summer yet, if I don't claim it now who knows...fall my descend and it is very warm! When one swaps out the winter survival gear for towels and paddleboard it's about as summer as it gets up here. LOL 

If I needed any more proof of summer these photos sent from Larissa did it....

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Cleaning Party

Summer may finally be arriving. We celebrated by having a cleaning party. ::grin:: We had a blast. Joelle and Jenni were just the spark of fun we needed to finish our list of tasks. 

I KNOW the lighting is off - but I sort of like the mood. ::snort::  We just have a few quick jobs left to finish - which I will take care of next week.  I think this photo is super cute and I have to share it....one just never knows where they'll find BGMC treasure! Joelle won the prize for finding MONEY while cleaning. We decided to put it into the BGMC barrels tomorrow. 

The conversation and laughter were great, but taking a tea break in the midst of the dusty afternoon...was priceless. I sat on the couch and remembered past tea with Lindsey and made new memories. Seasons, rhythms...look at me trying to seem like I embrace change. ::snort:: 

Not everyone can have a super fun cleaning party to celebrate summer's arrival. Some have to settle for taking their son on his first Alaskan hike. ::wink:: 
Jared and Noah📷by Larissa

Friday, June 02, 2023

A Full Friday

 The day began once again at the cafe; this morning with Allie. We also had a fantastic conversation. Some weeks things click better than others - I am going to label the conversations we had this week as heart discussions, more than simply the informational or even the theological. Good stuff. 

Allie and I stopped at the parsonage on the way home.  We sprayed down oven racks and tubs and checked to see what supplies were on hand and what would need to done later. 

Check out the NEW SNOW. Yep. It's raining at our house, but snowing on the mountain behind us. In JUNE. This can NOT be termination dust, I refuse to think summer will be over in 6 weeks. I like what others are calling it - another fake spring...in June. 

Stacia had some college papers to write. Allie prepped for work. I played with a new electric frother and Keurig the church purchased for us to use in our greeting/coffee ministry. This is a step up from the single size, no reservoir Keurig we've been using. Yes, I know, some of you have espresso bars at your churches...we started with what we have...and the emphasis is on the friendly greeting...not the coffee anyway. I've noted some stop just to chat and never get a drink. Which we love. 

Stacia and I went back to the parsonage for a few hours. We are simply sprucing things up...we will have a new pastor's family at some point....and this is a good time, with no one living in it, to get any needed repairs or maintenance done. 

We reached a point where we didn't have energy to tackle the next job - the entry way....and called it a night. We hadn't eaten and thought about going to McDonald's. We thought the lobby was open until 10 p.m. so we opted to go to the end of Benny's t-ball game before dinner. 
📷by Larissa

Danny was the first to see us park and made a break for the parking lot yelling, "Bachan's here." Jared, Larissa and Noah were also at the game. This was a bonus. We didn't think we'd make it to the game with all the other things we are trying to do this weekend. 

Jared & Noah 📷by Larissa

In a few years we'll be at Noah's t-ball games! Time moves quickly. 
Aunt Stacia and Noah

We joined JaRissa for dinner after the game. We "never" eat at McDonald's because, well because. We thought it would be fun to surprise Allie. The lobby was closed. We went on over to Dairy Queen.  It was fun to catch up with Jared and Larissa...and to know how better to support them in prayer in the upcoming weeks. 

I don't think I could have fit one more thing into this day. In fact, I had to move delivering eggs from today to tomorrow. LOL 

Thursday, June 01, 2023

June! How?

June! How did THIS happen?  It's another rainy day around here. I'm starting to wonder if we're going to get a "real" summer.

Stacia and Allie switched study mornings because Stacia and I had haircuts late this morning.  This allowed Allie to sleep in, us to run our errands and as she is off today she can get more sleep before getting up early to go out. This weekly one-on-one time with the girls is priceless. We had a brilliant discussion today, though we didn't do a Bible study. We integrated a lot of different strands from LIFE. 

We also scored a Tiger Spice to bring home for Allie and this month's salad special. They were taking a picture of it and asked if we'd like to take it home. Y'all go to Sophia's and have this salad! It's yummy. 

Stacia and I had time to run to Walmart after study before our haircuts, so we picked up a curtain rod (and a few surprises for a special gal).  Michael is such a good Dad. He stopped everything and got the curtain rod up....

I like these lighted panels - the finishing touch the girls were waiting for in their room. 

This came QUICKLY...yes, I've avoided the colonoscopy once again. I did the Cologuard years back and agreed to do it again...when I figure out the mailing thing from AK to wherever it is going. 

Shannon and Lindsey dropped by this afternoon. We happened to all be home - and it simply did our hearts good to see their faces... Stacia made some cookies. We opted for pizza and games tonight as it's the night Allie is home from work.  You know - I do my best with the subjects I have around here. LOL 

This just in from Larissa! What a sweet baby boy. 

The day was a great reset before the start of a busy weekend. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Community and Chicks

Shew - some days don't flow as easily as others do. I am content. It doesn't all have to be done in a day. Today was filled with cleaning, baking, troubleshooting, table fellowship, community and chicks on the move. 

 After I got dad up and through the morning routine, I mopped all the floors while he read the paper.  

I spent a considerable amount of time troubleshooting and researching why a webpage I was working on had disappeared. By the end of the day, it was figured out and fixed...and I felt good about the whole process. LOL 

In the meantime, I baked scones and cookies. I did NOT make it to the store and will need to do that tomorrow.  I have been using about 4 different scone recipes and today I played with the recipe a bit more. Stacia said these are good. I think I'll add some zest in the future. I think I could do a variety of fruits...and I could do some cinnamon or maple or pumpkin spice...but I'm getting it figured out. LOL 

Stacia and I got dinner on the table for Mike and Dad and then we went to Ceceilia's for the night. Five of us sat around her table for a couple of hours. I loved it. We ate scones & cookies, drank hot drinks, and talked....laughed a lot too. I was glad Stacia joined us...she's in the process of transitioning from youth to women's group.

Michael had been building a home in the garage for the chicks. We moved them from their Kiddie Pool brooder out to the garage.  They are five weeks old. We've never had a noisier batch of chicks...and we usually have 24 chicks at a time. LOL 

Their new space is bigger. They have a big feeder and waterer - which will save time for us. I don't think they will be able to tip these over. Michael also put the heat plate and a small roosting bar he made for them in the box.  The top has a frame covered with chicken wire to keep them in the box. 

And that is ALL we got done today.  It's been raining all day so I've not planted anything more...and that is starting to bother me. LOL  It's so QUIET tonight in the house...no scratching and cheeping and pecking...