Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

We spent a wonderful few hours at Lake Ogawara yesterday. Jared snapped a couple of shots for me.



This lake is on base. Well, part of it is on beach....it is actually quite a big lake. We called and asked Renee and Ricky to join us at the last minute. It was a fun break in the TLF routine. Renee, thanks again for dropping your spectacular plans and joining us at the beach.

We were invited to dinner at a family from chapel's home. Joel is the PAC (Parish Advisory Council) President and Mary is our RE Coordinator. We had a great time visiting, the kids gelled well, Jared corrupted their children by teaching them Mafia ::snort::, the meal was great....AND.... ::drum roll:: Mary and I discovered we were both alumni of Faith Academy.

I don't often run into former school mates. Faith Academy is a boarding school for missionary children in Makati, Manila, Philippines. I've been thinking of the Philippines a lot since the move here. It was a blast to find someone who I was connected to here in Misawa. Mary attended FA from K-6th grade and left in 1979....I arrived in high school in 1979, so we didn't know each other...but I did hear her older brother's names while at Faith.....

We found out that housing will allow us to stay in TLF for 60 days from Mike's arrival. The AFI's clearly state this is the case if housing doesn't offer you adequate housing and you can't find a house in 30 days. This means we will not be locked out of our rooms again until 14 Sept. We aren't sure what happens at that point.

Yes, we WERE locked out of our rooms yesterday. The housekeepers were surprised and let us in...and then housing came back and said we could stay until 14 Sept. We laughed, sitting outside our room, with all our beach stuff piled around us. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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