Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It's a Tuesday

The day got off to it's "normal" start....The kids are hard at school....GG read the paper, had coffee and breakfast. I spent time with Jesus, started a load of apples, a load of laundry, and worked out. I also fielded a call from the VA. Michael has an appointment tomorrow. They called at 10:30 a.m. to say they wanted fasting labs from Michael and he needed to be there in an hour.  He got up - went in and waited. They forgot to put him on the lab schedule. ::sigh::  He was HUNGRY when he was done.  He dropped dad at Fred Meyers on his way to the VA clinic.

I finished working out and realized I needed to run errands as well. I dropped off Dad's refills, did a bit of shopping, went to the bank, picked up Dad's refills, and picked up a list of local doctors who will see patients on medicare from my doctor - who won't see any new patients over the age of 61.

Michael spent time on the phone with an insurance company and Dad spent quite a bit of time studying for the Alaska DMV test.

I went with Michael as he took care of a project which needed help in the neighborhood....we have giant pot holes by the mail boxes and the city, or borough, is not concerned. They are all taken care of now. Michael hauled gravel from our pile and dug, filled, leveled, tamped down....I think it will be good for a bit longer.
He's a good man!
 Arielle and Benny got home from work. She was heading out to paint external trim on their new home. We talked her into leaving Benny with us. LOL

Krista got home from work....look at that big tater...a lot of fries from that....and we also had 2 kinds of squash and beans from the garden to go with the chicken.  Krista brought the welcome news that one of her fellow employees will loan us his "set up" for making applesauce if I can wait a day. I have 1 1/2 cases of apples left. I'll wait. He told her how he makes it and it seems doable. She said to "can it for 10 min" and so I asked her to check if he pressure cans or water baths!  Other than that he says with his processor I won't have to peel or core apples. I'm tired of peeling and coring apples...it takes me about an hour to do enough for all 3 dehydrators....and they've been running for five days now! The noise is driving me to distraction.
Cooking is always more fun with a partner

Benny is CONVINCED he is hidden! 

When Michael came in - he ran to him! "Papa!" He excitedly dragged him over to hide with him! LOL

Benny enjoyed the potatoes and chicken. He wasn't sure at all about the squash. He cracked us up when he was done eating. He needed to clean up...his hands, tummy, neck, back, armpits.....LOL

Alex went to work out, Stacia and Krista went to bed shortly after clean up, Michael fell asleep and Dad has gone to bed. This gives me time to blog and finish another load of laundry.....