Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We're Home in TX

Observant blog readers will KNOW that this was NOT published on the 11th (Wed) but hey - you do what you gotta do! 

We made the trip in TWO days.  The Southern route "felt" quicker - maybe because it was new territory for most of us. 

Here are a few photos....really not much to take photos of on this stretch of highway....I realized I could just post my FB snippets on travel here goes....

First - I forgot to BLOG this....
Wow just saw s meteor or something explode in the sky outside of Phoenix. It looked like fireworks shot from an airplane. And gas under $3. Exciting night of travel.
The little keyboard doesn't lend itself to lengthy comments - but this was IMPRESSIVE. We were outside Tucson before Phoenix. The sky EXPLODED. The colors were amazing...the night sky was huge. Kristine shared this yesterday. Yes, we saw red/orange/green....and I was SO happy Michael saw it to confirm I wasn't simply sitting in the van too long. LOL

Travel tip 4 men: if they look like whitey tighties, don't wear them in the elevator.
Travel tip 4 women: Stand back from the elevator, you never know what may be getting off.

Of course, there's a story - but you can guess it from those updates! ::snort:: 

 Just look at this - still dark and we are all situated in the van waiting to pull out! We rock road trips!

I can't say it better than Kristine:Beautiful scenery in your photos. And Phoenix--always makes me think of something you'd see in Dr. Seuss, with the mountains so low on the horizon, everything flat with the crazy cactus

Love the time of day when the sun blares in the wind shield JUST under the reach of the sun visors.

I miss Japanese rest areas...nikuman, topo, and VENDING MACHINES! — feelingmeh.

AZ obviously pays more for road maintenance than CA or NM.

Back in the land of static electricity.

No room at the Inn....but we searched high and low and found a stable near the river. AND I won $5 when a train went by my room.....I wonder if it's $5 per train?????
There you have it. We found a hotel - it's $200 a night cheaper than it would be to be at Comfort Inn - but same company so we still get points. It's downtown and I think that will provide more to do in the mornings when some choose to sleep in. We weren't able to get into the Base's lodging...which would be $180 a night cheaper than where we are. ::snort::

HOWEVER - we get a nice free breakfast here, a hot tub, a fitness center right in the building, free wifi, AND the cast of Sesame Street Live is sharing the hotel with us. I think it may beat the oil men that overtook Comfort Inn last time we stayed there. ::wink::

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