Friday, August 05, 2016

Bella's New Tricks

Michael and Alex went over to Mom G's this morning. Alex is doing some watering and weeding for a neighbor and wanted to be sure to do it at the last moment before we left. Michael visited with Mom G  and put away a few things because - we are traveling today. Nolan, Stacia and I got the trailer totally ready for travel - inside and out. 

We are on our way to a VA appointment with a Neurologist/Movement Disorder Specialist.  

We were blessed by the generous hospitality of Mom and Dad's neighbor, Dennis and Suzie. We were able to boondock in their driveway. This allowed us to make the most of our limited time for visiting. We hopped over to the church to catch up with Bre and Bella. Bre and Izaak have papers due Sunday night so this was our one window to catch the final night of VBS. 

Bella has learned all sorts of new tricks since we saw here a couple of weeks ago. She has audited Graduate classes with her Mom and Dad. She doesn't seem totally impressed with the subject material, though I'm sure she loves the professors from New Hope Christian College.

She was a huge help to Mommy during VBS. 

And most recently, she's learned to roll over!

Go, Bella! We take great joy in each new accomplishment....soon you'll be able to take out and put in your pacifier at will.  Bella will be 4 months old on the 12th of August.