Friday, April 08, 2016

#WYFF Mount Pisgah

Our Friday began with a bang. We enjoyed breakfast with Krista and Ms. Kutz at Ye Olde Pancake house. Ms Kutz is the best English teacher I've ever had. She "retired" last year; we are thankful for all the hours she's invested in us and in our daughters. 
Ms. Kutz with 3 former students - Michael, Krista, me
 Michael and I headed back to the Caboose. The kids and I finished a solid week of school. THEN it was time to get out and PLAY.  Our RV park is very manicured and the spaces are fairly close together - but we noted signs to a recreation area and to Mount Pisgah. Krista and mom joined us to explore!
Nolan, Krista, Stacia, Alex and Michael in the back 

Yuuki was thrilled to find the dog hydration center
 This is  a beautiful area and we have more exploring to do. The trees and wildflowers are a treat. We also saw tadpoles, turtles, water lilies and even a Redwood or two...and a bit of poison oak.
Maps can be helpful 

Wild Iris

 I love this picture. I've gone on many hikes trailing far behind Michael. One of the joys in the midst of the "boo" is that I can keep up with him these days. Some are sure to ask how Michael is able to hike....well....we stop when he needs to. He has arthritis in his back, hips, knees and ankles. We've found that a mile - mile and a half is about max. He pushes for hikes - and rests for a few days afterwards.
A man and his camera


Our hiking team  - lots of great benches to rest on 
Nolan, Krista, Stacia, My Mom, Alex, Me

Water Lilies
 Note Alex's walking stick - a win from the Big Game Dinner at Calvary Open Bible
Me, Stacia, Krista, Nolan, Alex - think Stacia is passing up Krista

Don't judge me for texting in a mountain meadow - I was taking photos and texting them to Mom G!

My feet

Back side of the barn 

Poison Oak

Michael, Mom and went about 1/2 way up the mountain and then headed back.....we found a nice place to wait while Krista, Nolan, Alex and Stacia climbed the rest of the mountain.  
Michael's walking stick was a win from the Big Game Dinner too
At the top! 

Feet at the top of Mount Pisgah