Friday, July 11, 2014

Girl's "Fun"

It was a rough night last night. Yuuki, our beagle, was sick much of the night. Stacia woke up and missed Arielle...and just as I was drifting off at 0330 Michael and the boys got up to drive to Mom Mary's.  I put Yuuki in her kennel at 0445, woke Stacia and put her in our bed...and we slept in!  I told her we'd sleep in as long as we wanted! Almost never happens around here.

I'm very careful to guard family time from volunteer hours in this season. It's a lesson hard learned.  Thus, it would be typical with so much of the family gone for me to fill the hours with LOTS of PWOC work - and I have lots to do - it feels never ending at this point. LOL

But here it is - first there were 9 Gherkins. Five Gherkins left home. Arielle went to Mexico. The boys are helping Michael. That leaves one Gherkin at home - and I determined we'd spend our two days alone keeping with my summer vow to "live life fully present" so we slept in until 0800. Then we streamed Garfield for an hour and watched and cuddled.

Finally, I made smoothies and an omelet for Stacia.  I did 1.5 hours of PWOC while she worked on school. We had lunch and left for base.  We did another .5 hour for PWOC - maybe a bit more - a shopping trip and delivery.....

So far a great day....but now....well, it's a terrible psychological load when one believes they are having a mammogram and discovers the night before that it is a pap instead. Just sayin.  I knew I couldn't take Stacia HERE....and Cynthia took her. Wow. They had a great time.

First - Michael, she corrupted your youngest daughter with her CATS. LOL 

Then they got cold drinks at the Shoppette and went to a park.

Meanwhile back at the doctor's office I put the gown on three times before I decided which way it was supposed to be worn.  The unthinkable happened - humor at the annual exam - the LIGHTS went out.  I said, "Great mood lighting, when does the music start?" ::snort:: The great news is  she assured me eventually I WILL go through mentalpause and  with the tests she did today I only have to come back every 5 years and these stop at 60!!!! Good news indeed - only two more to go - and if I'm in Japan I won't have one at 55.  And the mammogram - next week.

I caught up with Cynthia and Stacia. They were having a blast. I was happy to have guilt free time to talk with Cynthia. I realized today - I have FRIENDS here now! This is a good thing.

Our next item on the agenda was dinner. We added to our cultural experience by eating at the Linda Walmart. We observed one very loud family with adults who treated their children rudely. AND we observed one very quiet family - who each set down and pulled out there phones and ignored each other - all five of them. I could tell Stacia was processing.

Now, many do not like Walmart. It is well documented that Walmart gives me hives....BUT Walmart is 7 minutes from my house. The next closest stores are 30 minutes.  Walmart is also very good for our budget. We had a few items to pick up which would have spoiled in the car if I bought them before the doctor's appointment.....and it's across the street from the Burger King - Stacia's choice of dinner.

Walmart is also where I get my gel nails done - ask for Cathy. Stacia has been missing pedicures. We haven't done this since we left Japan. We did it - it was only $20 instead of Y30,000.   See those massage chairs - MY WORD. I turned it on and it compresses and SQUEEZES hard and I was doing o.k. until it socked me in the bum! Stacia wanted none of it.  These folks are Vietnamese....they were a bit rougher than we are used to - but we love our toes.

The last item on our agenda was to buy a couple of clearance summer dresses. It's in triple digits and they are putting out fall stuff. Gotta love it. 

It's been a good day. I've had fun with Stacia and realize how much she CRAVES time with Mom....and how much she LOVES to talk....and I've learned she's very wise....

I'm not "going there" on the spank/don't spank war...but MY GOODNESS....we watched a mom repeatedly slap her son's face and then yank him out of the cart and wail on his bum. He was screaming, "Stop spanking," at the first slap.  He wasn't doing anything we could see to warrant such punishment...the gal a couple aisles over was much naughtier. Again, I watched Stacia process.  

"Mom, do you think she realizes  how she treats her children is how they will treat her grandchildren?" Good words for all us parents to ponder. 

We found TWO bottles of Jone's Cream Soda left from months ago.....we're going to enjoy and stream a GIRLS MOVIE tonight! 

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...