Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ah, the FUN!

I've not done as well at getting photos as is typical. Being in a new area, I wonder if folks will be offended, not used to my odd habit of photo documenting everything, to enhance my memory. 🐽 And when I'm with the big, rollicking, chaotic mass of Gherkins - I'm too busy to remember to snap photos. I must do better.

We continue to open our home each Sunday afternoon/evening to the Gherkins who want to come over. It's important as adult offspring are easy to lose track of without a bit of intentionality. Tonight, we had a potato bar, the butter God eats (from Kathy H's stash of recipes), various toppings, fruit salad, salad and  cookies and ice cream.

These boys were moving so fast, I didn't get one in-focus shot. 

Bre and Izaak have been working on breaking Bella of the pacey habit.  She gets it at bed. She's pretty good about leaving it alone, but she's found a rather enterprising way of satisfying her pacifier habit. She was snuggling with Bre and Bubby (brother Gideon).....and then we noticed, she'd snagged Gideon's pacifier. Those leashes are awesome. πŸ½πŸ˜€πŸ½