Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Socializing with Family

Nolan had the day off today and it seems like we have been too busy to connect lately. I asked if he'd like to grab lunch together. We headed to one of "my girly restaurants." They aren't really "girly," they just don't serve the portions of food Michael likes to get when he goes out to eat. ::snort:: He likes to point out $12 is too much for a sandwich, but around here we pay the same or more at a diner for a hamburger....if I can get a vegetarian sandwich, rather than iceberg lettuce for $12....just sayin.

Nolan and I are both happy with our meals. He had a BLBMXYZ with German potato salad. I had a lentil/rice patty with zucchini and caramelized onions....and a salad.  We went at 1 p.m. and it was much more conducive for visiting than going from 11 - 1200.  Better than the food and the fun atmosphere, was just spending time together and talking about his upcoming plans and how life is going for him.

We stopped at BreZaak's on the way home to check in on Bre and the kids. The kids were finishing lunch, Bre was about to sit down for hers.....and sweet Annalise....

....was napping in the middle of it all. It's hard work being 3 weeks old. 

We returned home to find Arielle and Benny visiting upstairs. Grandpa and Benny have a ton of fun together. Their faces say it all.....

The only thing bigger than Michael's smile, is Benny's

Grandpa loves to come up with new games for them to play. Today it was riding the horse and jumping to Mommy.  Below is a quick video clip.