Tuesday, September 19, 2017

JaRissa and Lassie Visit

Michael had a couple of doctor appointments this week. The VA has gotten him accepted as a patient with the ONE board certified Motion Disorder Specialist in the state. He won't have an appointment until 20 Nov. 

AFTER appointments - some of our favorite people called and asked to come out! YES. We hadn't seen JaRissa for a bit of time and it was fun to have them over.  CoRielle came up and then Bre and the kids  came over too. We all needed our JaRissa fix. 

Bella loves Aunt Arielle and Uncle Cory 
 Jared worked hard to win her over....

She came over to meet Lassie

It was a fun break in the middle of a busy week. We are happy to be able to have drop in visits from the Gherkins.