Sunday, February 21, 2016

Retreat Weekend!

The blog has been silent....because I did this Friday - Sunday.....up in the Sierra Nevadas. Note all retreat photos were shamelessly taken from the PWOC album Rachel created. 

Brittany drove me up and Rachel is an adopted daughter
 Katie did a fabulous job putting together this weekend for us to pull away and refresh. Everything was wonderful. Check out the hoodies. I love mine.
Katie and Me

Katie had planned some truly fun games and even a DIY pendant craft! All great fun. 
Strip Friending? 

Stephanie led worship

F: Jen, Stephanie, Me, Katie
B:Rachel, June, Mindee, Victoria, Tiffany, Lisa, Brittany (Hope had to leave)
 "I have never - ever......"
Stephanie and Me
Victoria - a ministry mentor
Victoria spoke to us about the ministry of Presence, transformation, and how to SHOW Up and was profound. I'll share bits and pieces in the days to come - but at this point I'm processing and letting the seed take root. 

Victoria had flown from her brother's funeral on Tuesday to us....please pray for her as you read this. 

These girls - I took for the picture for them - but I want to save a copy too. All dear women. All but Sarah were ministry partners last year on the board. They are the real deal. It was a grace gift from God to know them in our last ministry assignment with the Air Force. 
Jen, Sarah, Katie, Stephanie, Rachel 

I just don't know WHY they do these things..... ::wink::
I debated attending this retreat. God strongly impressed on  me in December it was time to let the past slide into the "Remember Lot's Wife" and look forward rather than backwards. I've not been attending weekly meetings - I've chosen instead to invest my time in the future - looking ahead - starting online Bible study groups.....and of course, I've spent lovely time with the gals who have asked to do so....precious time.  I knew attending this weekend would be wonderful and difficult at the same time. It's always wonderful to spend time with amazing gals as these. It is difficult to return to a place you've "left"  - it reawakened longings for a time which is past.

And so - when Brittany and Sarah dropped me off  at the trailer - everyone else was still at church. I gathered Yuuki and  went for a 5 mile walk. This gave me time to process  I am exactly where God has placed me for this season,  I joy in this season and a few of the thoughts from the retreat.  I played the Boo Yay game.....
Lower Blackwelder Lake

Sutter Butte - America's shortest Mountain range - for real

Upper Blackwelder Lake