Thursday, May 25, 2017

Window Shopping

School and laundry - the drumbeat of  this full-timing family. πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…

We can see the end of the school year; not so much with the laundry.

Michael fixed the rear brakes and the emergency brake on Nimo (jeep).

We went to the Eugene VA for his last therapy session in Oregon. They are putting notes and referrals in the record for the VA clinics in AK. We have really loved his care team here in Eugene. They assure us the team will be just as good in Alaska.

We went window shopping....these would work well for a workshop for Michael....and outfitted correctly could even be a guest house. Unfortunately, Tuff Shed doesn't have an office in Alaska. 

And...if he has a workshop like the above...something like this would work for Uchi. 

We've been looking for a used trailer - but aren't finding one. This one is 5'x 8'.....the other possibility is 6' x 10'. Yukon Territory requires electrical brakes for even the small trailers (only spot on the trip that does - including other Canadian territories), but we're looking at how much it will cost to install brakes on a trailer....and needing to find one soon.

Michael continued on to look at woodstoves. I went and spent a few hours with Bella so BreZaak could spend time with Gideon. Gideon is doing well. He's down to just a feeding tube. Bella took a bunch of photos, but none of them are clear enough to share.

I finally saw a moment to make it for groceries as we left BreZaak's for the evening. Actually, Michael saw the moment and dragged me kicking and screaming into the grocery store.

Back at Uchi, Michael worked on more Nimo items and I balanced the checkbook and took care of some other business related items.

Krista Update

Can't say much about Krista at this point - but she's begun Commissioned Officer's Training (COT) in Alabama.
Trying it on in Mexico
From talking with Michael and many, many airmen over the years, I know entering the military can be intimidating the first few days - it's a new culture, new language, new way of walking and talking, and for most, a new strident tone one is unused to. We appreciate your prayers on behalf of Krista....and for all our female military friends - you KNOW what she's experiencing - thanks for your prayers with wisdom and clarity on her behalf.

Michael has told her to think of it as a giant game of Quelf! I love that example. Just do the things you are instructed to do, don't let them get in your brain, play the game - you'll crush it.

Krista was sent to sick call this morning. We prayed last night if God wanted her to remain at COT He would heal her in the night. The Dr. cleared her for PT this morning and she will take her fitness test tomorrow.  We know she can exceed the standards - she's trained well. For most, being sent out due to illness would mean a few months delay of COT.  For Krista, it would mean a year's delay in her entering the program as it's combined with her schooling and the Chaplain Candidate program.

As you think of Krista in the next few weeks will you pray for her to quickly adapt to her new culture  and for physical strength as she follows God's leading into a new world?